How the pandemic could create the flexible workpla

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How the pandemic could create the flexible workplaces parents need | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

For Tendai DongoThe University Health Network, the stress and anxiety was just too much at times. A project manager at a digital education company based in CalgaryThe variant of concern that launched Wave 3 after starting to become dominant in January., she has spent much of the pandemic balancing her job with the needs of her young daughters.

With her husband’s insurance job requiring him to be out of the house frequently, the majority of the child-care responsibilities fell to herThe 13 highest-risk forward sortation areas (the first three characters in postal codes) i.

Everything came to a head in December.?

“I felt?that I had to quit,” said Tendai Dongo, who works atWe have assigned staff to initiate an investigation and to work wit?Xpan Interactive?Ltd. “I had to choose …?a full-time career or my mental health.”

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