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Shenzhen strengthens the management of foreigners' employment in Shenzhen, and has more laws and regulations.

the first foreign-related employment management office in mainland China has been established in Shenzhen. Its responsibilities include formulating employment management policies and supervising the implementation, drawing various curves and printing experimental reports for entry employment permits and management, preliminary examination and supervision of the qualifications of foreign-related employment service institutions, as well as the management, training, employment permit issuance and other work of Chinese employees in foreign-related institutions

the latest statistical data shows that more than 48000 foreigners, people from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao and Chinese employees of permanent representative offices of foreign enterprises are currently under the management of Shenzhen. Among them, there are 15000 foreign, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao personnel and 33000 Chinese employees, accounting for more than half of Guangdong Province. Foreigners employed in Shenzhen come from more than 100 countries and regions. It is expected that in the next few years, the number of overseas employees in Shenzhen will be large. Because the above-mentioned necessary conditions are expensive, the number of industries will be wider and the positions will be more diversified

it is reported that in terms of foreign-related employment management, other domestic cities, including the former Shenzhen, have set up counterpart departments that are self funded business units approved by the United States. On the basis of the former foreign labor and Employment Service Center, Shenzhen has established a foreign employment management office and upgraded it to an administrative agency

Guan Lingen, director of Shenzhen Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau, said that the establishment of this institution will make the employment of foreign-related personnel in Shenzhen more orderly, legal and regulated

due to the large number of foreigners in Shenzhen at present, there are also some phenomena such as illegal entry, illegal residence and illegal work in Shenzhen. In this regard, Li Zhen, director of Shenzhen foreign labor and employment management office, said that in the future, we will strengthen the linkage and cooperation with the public security and other departments on equipment, which can be contacted at any time, and intensify the crackdown. End

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