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Experience warmth in Sany team

Guide: on May 9, Zhao Bin, from the Engineering Vehicle Research Institute of the pumping division, sent a golden banner with a note of money found and high moral character to the administrative headquarters team, and thanked the team driver tangdongming for helping him find the lost property. Zhao Bin told that at 10:15 p.m. on May 3, he and his colleagues took a shuttle bus back from the railway station

on May 9, Zhao Bin of the Engineering Vehicle Research Institute of the pumping division sent a banner with the words "found money, noble character" on one side to the team of the administrative headquarters, thanking the team driver tangdongming for helping him find the lost property

Zhao Bin told that at 10:15 p.m. on May 3, he and his colleagues took a shuttle bus from the railway station and rushed back to the company. After getting on the bus, Zhao Bin was busy helping his colleagues tidy up their suitcases, so he casually put his satchel next to the seat. After the bus arrived at the new employee community, Zhao Bin helped his colleagues to carry the suitcase down, and left his satchel on the bus for a moment

"when I reacted, it was close to 12 p.m." Because the ID card, work card, bank card, etc. are all in the bag, "there is more than 1000 yuan of cash in it", Zhao Bin's forehead is sweating with anxiety. When he walked to the west gate post of the industrial city to ask, the west gate post duty officer told him that he could go to the team the next morning to check the driver on duty that night

at 7:00 a.m. on May 4, Zhao Bin came to the team and looked up Tang Dongming, the driver on duty last night. "I'll come over in 20 minutes and give you the satchel." Hearing this reply, Zhao Bin breathed a sigh of relief. 7: 20. Tang Dongming handed the bag to Zhao Bin. "Do you see if the documents and cash inside are complete?" Zhao Bin checked carefully, and the items in the bag were intact

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later, Zhao Bin learned that Tang Dongming waited in the team for nearly an hour last night in order to deliver his satchel without making the process simple, and also came to the company two hours in advance at the expense of his morning rest. Zhao Bin was so moved that he sent a bright red banner to the administrative headquarters team

it is not uncommon for such aluminum-plastic composite pressure pipe to be a good thing in the first part of the team. On April 27, an employee wrote in the suggestion box: "I took the shuttle bus to the railway station, lost an item on the bus when I got off, and then contacted the driver on duty Wu Fenghua." Wu Fenghua immediately confirmed the items with him and handed them over to him the next day. "The lost property is not expensive, but the enthusiasm of the Wu brothers is valuable."

Wu Fenghua's advanced deeds were affirmed by Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry. In the employee suggestion box, Liang Wengen commented, "please the administrative department to reward."

in addition, Zhang Cheng, an employee of the pumping business department who lives in Kaifu District, said that the driver of the administration department took the initiative to deliver his colleagues without an umbrella to the car a few days ago, which moved the colleagues of the whole car. When the off-duty bus arrived at the station on Friday, the driver not only smiled and watched the employees get off the bus, but also took the initiative to say, "I wish all colleagues a happy weekend", which made the employees feel very happy

according to the introduction, the civilized comity of riding stems from the recent "civilized service" activities carried out by the team. Zhang Lin, deputy director of Sany administration headquarters, said that since the launch of the event, the team has received 6 reward notifications from the vehicle department, 1 reward from the chairman's instructions, more than 10 praise from the employee's suggestion box, 3 thank-you letters and a banner

"on May 11, we also signed the 'civilized service commitment' with 28 drivers." Xiongjun, the team leader of the administrative headquarters, said that the team will continue to work hard to provide high-quality car service for the company's leaders, VIPs and employees and strive to create a first-class team window image by driving the safety, etiquette and skill training of builders invested by the Aluminum Group Shanxi Jiaokou Xinghua Technology Co., Ltd

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