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Development direction of China's pharmaceutical packaging equipment market (Part 1)

in order to avoid sample damage overview

China's pharmaceutical packaging must comprehensively consider energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality. After several years of rapid development, machinery has experienced the process from import to imitation to gradual self-improvement. Today, it can be said that it has reached a small peak on the road of industry development. However, there is still a certain gap between China's drug packaging machinery and foreign equipment on the whole, such as low output, unstable operation, low standardization of parts and components. In the face of many problems, while considering improving our own level, it is necessary to reorganize our future development ideas

with the continuous deepening of the national GMP certification, the requirements of GMP for drug packaging equipment have also been more stringent, and our drug packaging equipment has also made a big step forward under the constraints of GMP, both in terms of packaging technology and the use of product materials. In addition, due to the development of electronic technology, the pharmaceutical packaging equipment has also made a big step towards automation, but it still needs to work hard to achieve real automation

2 analysis of the development direction of pharmaceutical packaging equipment

2.1 humanization

it is mentioned that "we should first take the resource-saving development path of humanized design". Today, when more and more attention is paid to the quality of life and working style, no one seems to know, and it has gradually become a selection standard when people buy goods. Humanized design means that human physiological and psychological factors should be fully considered in the design process, and more attention should be paid to the evaluation of the "convenience", "comfort", "reliability", "value", "safety" and "efficiency" of the product, so as not to cause physiological or psychological adverse reactions such as operation discomfort, fatigue and injury to the operator in the long-term use process. The state has clear regulations on different commodities for quantifiable factors that cause harm to human body, such as noise, but the comfort and convenience of use cannot be quantified as noise. Only in the design process, the "human" is the center, which is grasped by the designer and tested by the user

ergonomics is a comprehensive frontier discipline, which has been widely used in product design to make product design pay more attention to human factors. Its ultimate goal is to achieve the harmony and unity of "human, product and environment". Then, as a product to reduce human labor intensity, drug packaging equipment should consider human factors, and this concept should run through every detail of mechanical design, such as the height of the operating table, the rationalization of operating procedures, the visual effect of the operating interface (the degree of visual fatigue), the safety of operation, the convenience of maintenance, the convenience of adjustment, etc. Pharmaceutical manufacturers will update drugs relatively frequently due to various factors, so a type of packaging equipment cannot be used only for the packaging of one product. Because of the shape and characteristics of different drugs, even if the packaging process is the same, it will also involve different molds, different feeding methods and other issues. Nowadays, the compatibility of drug packaging equipment on the market is relatively small. B. whether the clamping is reliable and applicable is not extensive. Generally, it is a one-to-one packaging, even if it can pack different drugs, it is not very convenient to change the mold. Then, if the packaging machinery with the same or similar packaging process is made into one or several standard equipment, the parts that need to be replaced are made into basic units that can operate independently, and the connection with the host machine is realized through the interface, so that it and the host become a community (similar to the form of building blocks, which can be combined according to requirements), in practical application, the basic units can be combined according to their own needs. If this design can be realized, it will not only facilitate the operator to replace the mold, but also greatly reduce waste, and increase the flexibility and applicability of the machine

2.2 green design

"green design" mentioned this word, no one will feel strange, as early as more than a decade ago, people put forward this view. China is in a period of rapid economic and technological development. In the process of development, we must not exchange excessive energy consumption for rapid economic development. Western developed countries have walked out of this misunderstanding and developed in a healthy direction through a long process

if complying with humanized design is based on the interests of operators, then the green design principle will be based on the long-term interests of mankind. Starting from the principle of green design, the practical value of a product in another form from its birth to its completion belongs to the scope of consideration of the designer. From the beginning of the design, the designer should not only consider the problems of structure and function, but also consider how to recycle and complete the scrap problem. This is a kind of society. Looking at packaging machinery from the perspective of green design, we still need to improve too much. The endless blanking used in blister packaging is a typical example of success. It is not only a saving move of drug manufacturers, but also a saving of social resources, but also reduces environmental pollution

the draft law on the prevention and control of solid environmental pollution, which has just been revised, has been implemented since April 2005. The implementation of this draft puts forward specific restrictions on the problem of excessive packaging. Although it is still imperfect, it shows that the country has put the environmental problems caused by packaging on the agenda. According to statistics, packaging garbage has accounted for 10% of household garbage, and most of these garbage are over packaged. Following this idea, we can think about the overall situation of pharmaceutical packaging machinery, and we will find out how far we are from "green packaging". We should abide by such a principle: reduce everything that can be avoided, all waste products are waste, and may cause pollution to the environment. Under the guidance of this principle, we can consider our packaging machinery from the aspects of structure, process combination and packaging raw materials. Design a more economical package in line with the requirements of GMP

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