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China should implement the combination of "electricity from afar" and "electricity from nearby"

insiders pointed out that China should speed up technical exchanges with developed countries such as Europe and the United States, carry out a new round of technical cooperation, and consume photovoltaic power generation. We should implement the combination of "electricity from afar" and "electricity from nearby downstream industries". While implementing electricity upgrading, smooth trading, developing energy storage, and gradually solving the problem of consumption, Carry out a new round of transformation and upgrading of photovoltaic industry equipment manufacturing, and break through the bottleneck of industrial development

according to the interview, the development of new energy in Europe started early and has a good foundation. The electricity of various countries has realized interconnection, and the system balance adjustment ability is relatively strong. Relying on the European unified electricity market, a relatively perfect market mechanism has been established, and new energy can flow freely among countries. Denmark's new energy power generation accounts for more than 50% of the total power generation, Spain's instantaneous wind power output accounts for 54% of the load, and Portugal is completely powered by renewable energy for 107 consecutive hours. The market mechanism and advanced technology in Europe are worth learning from

China also faces many opportunities in breaking through the bottleneck of photovoltaic. The above-mentioned photovoltaic industry executives said that the huge capacity, market and abundant capital of China's photovoltaic industry are the preferred market for industrialized technology to achieve large-scale production, which has attracted the widespread attention of many internationally renowned enterprises. This situation has created many opportunities for Chinese photovoltaic enterprises to use international high-end technology resources, and there are many ways to achieve it. Through cooperation, domestic enterprises can obtain the development of key technologies at a relatively small cost, and effectively make up for the outstanding shortcomings existing in the current domestic photovoltaic equipment industry

first, comprehensively upgrade the power capacity and speed up the flexibility transformation of coal and electricity. In recent years, aiming at the bottleneck of ensuring electricity safety and consuming clean energy, Guodian Jiangsu electric power company has explored new management methods and created a "large-scale source load friendly interaction system" (hereinafter referred to as "new system")

Yin Jijun, chairman of China Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd., said that the new system will concentrate the scattered massive interruptible power loads for accurate real-time control, support the energy production revolution, adapt to large-scale external electricity in the region, and support the development of distributed power generation. By 2020, the external electricity introduced by UHV in Jiangsu will exceed 37million kW, accounting for about 31.36% of the total load in Jiangsu. The new system will improve the ability of electricity to deal with UHV line faults. By 2020, Jiangsu Province will realize accurate real-time control of 10million kW interruptible load, which can effectively cope with short-term peak load and increase power generation capacity, which is equivalent to reducing the construction of 10 million KW generator units, saving or delaying the investment in supporting electricity by nearly 75billion yuan, reducing 97000 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions and 35million tons of carbon dioxide emissions

Li Qionghui, director of the New Energy Research Institute of the National Energy Research Institute, suggested that while the full matching UHV power was upgraded in an all-round way, it was appropriate to speed up the transformation in accordance with the transformation objectives determined in the national "13th five year plan" and bring all self owned power plants into the unified power dispatching

for ordinary material experiments, it is completely enough to choose a level 1 experimental machine. Secondly, accelerate the construction of a unified national power market, introduce a renewable energy quota system, clarify local entities, speed up the construction of the spot market, and give priority to consumption through market security. Yin Jijun said that the use of new energy needs to be included in the performance evaluation of local governments, and it is appropriate to decompose the flexibility transformation plan of coal motor units year by year and province by province. Zhang Zizi, assistant to the president of North China Electric Power University and executive vice president of Modern Electric Power Research Institute, suggested that the development of power consumption plans should be gradually released, the trading mechanisms such as power generation rights trading and direct trading should be incorporated into the power market system, and the bidding system for new power projects should be established to promote long-term power trading

Jiangsu has participated in the bidding of 1.13 billion kwh since this year, ranking in the forefront of the renewable energy power spot market. Wang Zhicheng, deputy director of the regulation and Planning Department of Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd., suggested that the East and West should be linked, and efforts should be made to improve the prediction accuracy, ensure the balance of power generation and consumption in the province, and improve the new energy consumption capacity outside the region, starting from the load and new energy generation prediction in the province

third, we should develop photovoltaic in an orderly manner, develop energy storage business, gradually increase the proportion of new energy in terminal energy consumption, and gradually develop "electricity from around". Hexinyu, deputy general manager of guoshuyang county power supply company, suggested that some minor problems would occur. In the relatively concentrated area of large-scale development of new energy projects, it is suggested to establish a joint working mechanism of the government, power supply and electricity, and the competent department of the local government should take the lead in the early access work of different project owners to assist the power company to uniformly consider the access and transmission plan

in photovoltaic power generation, in addition to realizing "electricity comes from afar" through UHV, it also needs to break the bottleneck of energy storage technology of "electricity takes from around". Yao Jun, deputy general manager of guotaizhou power supply company, suggested that energy storage is an important technology to support the large-scale development of new energy power, and it is also a key supporting technology within the framework of smart electricity in the future. The development of energy storage industry needs to be incorporated into the overall development plan from the top-level design stage, and into the development plan of new energy and smart electricity. We will introduce incentive policies and mechanisms such as peak and valley electricity prices and investment subsidies that are conducive to the industrialization of energy storage technology, guide social funds to tilt towards the energy storage industry, and build an energy storage industry chain

fourth, it is not appropriate to launch the domestic photovoltaic market through large-scale subsidies, but to promote industrial upgrading through breakthroughs in key photovoltaic equipment and technology. The above-mentioned photovoltaic industry executives said that the supporting policies of relevant departments for the development of photovoltaic industry should focus on guiding technological innovation and industrial upgrading, and accelerating the realization of photovoltaic parity. Instead of launching the domestic photovoltaic market through large-scale subsidies under the existing technological level and industrial pattern

therefore, relevant departments should first strictly implement the product access policy, resolutely eliminate backward production capacity, and support technological innovation of advantageous enterprises. For the photovoltaic equipment industry, specifically, equipment manufacturers should be encouraged to have a broader vision, wider exchanges and more concentrated forces, increase R & D and technology investment, lay a solid foundation and improve their independent innovation ability. Create a good atmosphere so that enterprises can make use of international high-end technology resources, make breakthroughs in key technologies at a relatively small cost, and cooperate to tackle key common problems in the photovoltaic industry, so as to quickly improve the high-end equipment technology level of Chinese enterprises. We can give priority to selecting some key equipment with a certain technical foundation that has become the bottleneck of industrial development, break the Convention, integrate the advantageous forces inside and outside China, cooperate with upstream and downstream, jointly tackle key problems with high-intensity investment and make breakthroughs, especially support the establishment of projects of low-cost key technologies and equipment that meet the characteristics of the photovoltaic industry, and give certain tax and financial support to the promotion and development of their equipment. Only in this way can China move from a big country in the photovoltaic product market to a powerful country with both photovoltaic products and photovoltaic equipment

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