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Recently, the Qingdao Municipal Finance Office and the Qingdao Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce issued that moving parts should be lubricated according to the instructions when inspecting the market. Now, catering enterprises still have a large number of problems of illegal use of disposable plastic foam tableware and ultra-thin plastic packaging bags

in Qingdao post and Telecommunications Hotel, Fengfeng restaurant, new era fast food restaurant and other catering enterprises, law enforcement officers seized a large number of ultra-thin plastic bags and disposable plastic foam lunch boxes used for "packaging", and punished the above enterprises according to the regulations. In this regard, the production of Qingdao Jinan experimental machine is unknown to our factory. The person in charge of the finance office and the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce reiterated that in the future, if catering enterprises are found to use disposable plastic foaming tableware and ultra-thin plastic packaging bags in violation of regulations, they will be severely punished

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