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Some counties and districts in Henan reproduce the phenomenon of "human grain" difficult to sell grain, and other phenomena occur frequently

CNR Beijing November 22 news (Guan Xin) according to voice of China's "and newspaper abstract" report, from the start of this year's summer grain acquisition to the listing of autumn grain, "difficult to sell grain" has risen in many places in Henan, queuing to sell grain, "human grain", "grading and price reduction in the process of quarterly maintenance" and other phenomena occur frequently. Faced with the difficulties in grain storage and the decline in grain prices, experts said that the trend of grain prices in the future has been clear, and the reasonable interests of farmers should be protected through the "separation of price and subsidy"

Tang Daoli, a major grain grower in Nanyang Sheqi County, has successively transferred 2800 mu of land from neighbors. Although the output of wheat and corn this year is good, the price is low and it is difficult to sell

Tang Daoli: the profit margin is three or five hundred yuan. There is no profit margin, and even losing money

Tang Daoli was lucky to sell wheat at a low price. At present, there are many ordinary farmers and grain brokers who give priority to the use of this indicator of wheat, but they are still pressed to sell it. The staff of a flour mill in Dengzhou told that the private grain merchants engaged in wheat purchase and sales had lost a lot this year

workers in the powder factory: no one wants it, and it's very low. In previous years, people wanted wheat, good or bad, wet or dry

Yin Jun, deputy director of Luoshan County Grain Bureau in Xinyang, said that because the rice and wheat purchased in 2013 and 2014 were not transferred out, the storage capacity was tight and there were few starting storage points this year. According to the acquisition standards of previous years, their county expects that the warehouse capacity gap may be 200000 tons. At present, the wheat planting season is over, and some farmers simply leave the land originally intended to grow wheat deserted, waiting for early harvest peanuts to be sown next spring. Large grain farmers are also adjusting their planting structure

Yin Jun: you can grow cash crops, such as peanuts, and you can develop some traditional Chinese medicine, because if you only grow wheat and corn, you will lose money

the relevant person in charge of Henan food economics society pointed out that the reasons for the "difficulty in selling grain" are various. In addition to production, storage, sales and other factors, it is also affected by social and economic environment, consumption and other aspects. Relying solely on the policy of relying on the city to purchase or change the purchase and storage of 3million leather in phase II can not completely solve the problems existing in the grain market. It is also necessary to vigorously develop the agricultural product processing industry on the basis of increasing the purchase and storage, so as to alleviate the pressure on grain storage. Shenhongyuan, an analyst at Zhengzhou grain wholesale market, said that the future direction of grain prices has been very clear

relevant person in charge of Henan Institute of grain Economics: the formation of prices should be gradually determined by the market. At this stage, whether it can be completely handed over to the market is another matter, but the intention must be clear. If we want to promote the increase of farmers' income, we have to do it through direct subsidies and the "separation of price and subsidy"

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