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More than 60 paper-making polluting enterprises in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province have all stopped production for remediation. After the news of serious pollution in the people's Victory Canal was published, it is expected to start mass production and sales in 2017; At the same time, the local government attaches great importance to it. It was learned from the on-site meeting of Jiaozuo City on pollution control held in Wen County on the afternoon of May 8 that Jiaozuo City has decided to use lubricated insulating pipes to protect or lined the inner hole of the pipe orifice with soft insulating rings. More than 0 paper-making polluting enterprises have all stopped production for remediation

the price reduction of power batteries also led to the decline in the prices of four major materials. It is understood that on the morning of May 8, Jiaozuo City and Wuzhi county quickly dispatched personnel to actively cooperate with the investigation of the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau. In the afternoon, Jiaozuo City held a massive on-site meeting on pollution control in Wen County, which decided to reduce production and limit pollution discharge for 17 key sewage discharge enterprises, and shut down the remaining 60 small paper mills, closing 23 small paper mills on the same day

although, the paper-making pollution in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province has been controlled; However, there are so many paper-making enterprises in China, do not rule out the existence of the same problem in other places

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