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In the face of the continental panel factory's overweight and expansion of production, Youda adheres to three strategic development

Youda plans to spend $28million to acquire 100% equity of comqi, an American digital display Kanban system and content integrator. Youda said it expected to extend the value chain of PID panel and strengthen the integrated application services of upstream and downstream software and hardware

Youda speech channel pointed out that comqi is a system and content integrator of digital display Kanban, and its sales are mainly in the U.S. market. By investing in comqi, we hope to extend the PID panel value chain and provide complete software and hardware integration application services upstream and downstream of public information displays. At present, the transaction is in progress, and there is no schedule for the progress of the transaction

on February 7, Youda announced its fourth quarter earnings and shared its leading quarter outlook. In the fourth quarter, the price of TV panel maintained a slow decline trend. Although the shipment volume was supported, the revenue in the fourth quarter fell. The revenue in the last quarter was about 80.663 billion yuan, a quarter decrease of 7.7% and a year decrease of 12.17%. The profit will also be the low point of last year's single quarter. This wave of LCD cycle peaked in the first half of last year, driving the panel factory to make a very bright profit. The revenue of Youda in the first three quarters of last year was 260.36 billion yuan, the net profit after tax was 28.16 billion yuan, and the earnings per share in the first three quarters was 2.93 yuan. The annual revenue was about 341.028 billion yuan, with an annual increase of 3.6%. The legal person estimated that the annual earnings per share would exceed 3 yuan, which was also the company's profit for five consecutive years and reached a new high in recent 10 years

PENG Shuanglang, chairman of Youda, said that 2017 was a "bumper year" for Youda, and 2018 was "a year with challenges and expectations"

Peng Shuanglang said that Youda Taichung Houli generation 8.5 panel plant will have new production capacity in the second half of the year, and is optimistic that the 18:9 full screen will become the mainstream of the middle and high-level, and continue to lead the growth of panel shipment area

the leading season is the traditional off-season. BOE's 10.5 generation plant will be in mass production, and CLP's 8.6 generation plant will also be put into production. The changes in panel supply and demand this year have attracted much attention

in the face of external concerns, the continental panel factory has stepped up production, which may become a market price destroyer. Peng Shuanglang responded to this "must-have exam" yesterday that the development of the panel extruder industry still has a large market space. Oversupply has become a new normal that the thickness and size of the film are difficult to further decline in the process of express delivery, and AMOLED is not a panacea to stimulate intelligent sales

he stressed that Youda will adhere to the three strategies of "optimal scale", "value transformation" and "technological innovation" to usher in the digital era and become not only a provider of panels, but also a solution provider that can integrate software and hardware

Youda adheres to the strategy of "optimal scale" of financial stability and does not compete with its rivals in production capacity, which is enough to cope with the future boom. The hydraulic servo UTM experimental machine can be used in dynamic testing and fatigue testing. Instead, we will use "value transformation" to steadily create profits. This high value-added product will maintain the goal of accounting for more than 50% of revenue every year. And through continuous "technological innovation", become a solution provider of integrated software and hardware, and no longer just a provider of panels

Peng Shuanglang pointed out that in the face of the challenge to drive the development of downstream products, Youda also sees many opportunities to make a long-term stable profit and become a top student in the TFT industry. Youda adopts intelligent investment, and the money needs to be spent on the cutting edge. It will not be impatient for the 10.5 generation panel that was first invested by the land plant and the AMOLED panel that was significantly advanced by the Korean plant

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