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Japan develops waste plastic sand making industry

it is reported that since 2004, v-arc has begun to crush waste plastics produced by household appliances and automobiles into human sand making enterprises. The artificial sand made of waste plastic will be used in foundation improvement materials and concrete secondary products. It is said that the recycling of waste plastics into artificial sand is very rare. V-arc plans to develop it into artificial sand in May, 2005

according to the data, about 5million tons of waste plastics in Japan can't be reused every year, so they have to be buried and incinerated. V-arc plans to crush these waste plastics and effectively use them to make sand. The particle size of artificial sand is 1.5 mm, with high efficiency, full function and convenient operation. It is between mm and 7.0 mm. At its own risk. Eifenhuser extrusion technology company specially emphasizes the role of energy, power, reliability, protection and maintenance, operation and design and functionality, which can be freely set according to the purpose

compared with natural sand, artificial sand is characterized by low cost and light weight (less than half of natural sand); Uniform particle size, no water, etc. Artificial sand can be used in building materials, roof greening materials, pneumatic base improvement materials, tiles, tiles and exterior wall materials that contribute to China's economic, social and environmental development

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