Putin is the hottest. This is a stab in the back.

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Putin: "this is a stab in the back and a terrorist accomplice"

on November 24, shortly after the Russian SU-24 fighter bomber was shot down by the Turkish air force F-16 fighter on the Syrian Turkish border, Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, made a statement, saying that shooting down the Russian fighter plane was "stab in the back and an accomplice of terrorists." He commented, "I can't describe this incident in any other way." Putin said that the Russian military plane crashed 4km inside Syria, and the pilot was not a threat

Putin's speech is as follows:

this incident is far beyond the normal framework of combating terrorism... But today (Russia) suffered losses because someone stabbed in the back and was an accomplice of terrorists. I cannot describe this event in any other way. Our plane was shot down by Turkish F-16 fighter planes with air-to-air missiles, and was shot down in Syria, 4km away from the Syrian Turkish border

neither our pilots nor fighter planes threaten Turkey's territory. This is obvious. They are fighting terrorism near Latakia in northern Syria. The militants here are mainly from Russia. Russian military pilots are performing their task: to ensure that these people will not return to Russia. These people are obviously international terrorists

please rest assured that new and old customers can use our products

we have signed an agreement with the United States to eliminate the conflict between Russia and the United States. We know that Turkey is an ally of the United States. Isis has obtained hundreds of billions of dollars from the illegal oil trade and is protected by the armed forces of other countries. This is the reason why Isis is brazen. It is the reason why they massacred people. They launched terrorist attacks around the world, which also hit the heart of Europe

we will analyze all the intelligence. Today's tragic transmission system event will lead to significant consequences - such as Russia Turkey relations. We have always regarded Turkey as a friendly country. I don't know who is interested in what happened today, obviously not us. Moreover, as far as we know, China is a textile power, Turkey did not immediately contact us, but discussed the incident with NATO partners. It seems that Russia shot down their aircraft, not ours

does Turkey want NATO to serve Isis? I know that every country has its own interests, and we always respect this. But the joint participants of our production enterprises will never tolerate such criminal actions. Of course, we hope that the international community can unite and fight back against the evil forces

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