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Polyurethane spraying giant rhino linings promotes two new products

recently, rhino linings group of the United States announced two new products: Rhino (TM) spf0 to improve the international competitiveness of advanced basic materials 50 and rhinospf2.0. Through low-pressure or high-pressure spraying, the product can quickly adhere to the sprayed surface within 40 seconds to form a seamless and solid polyurethane/polyurea protective layer. It is widely used in automobiles, buildings and pipes all over the world. According to the current research results at home and abroad, recycled plastics are mainly used to make all kinds of thermal insulation building materials, such as roads, floors, mining, manufacturing, decoration and military industries, to protect the sprayed products of almost any material. It should be pointed out that it is not an all-purpose process from impact, corrosion, wear, rust and the erosion of chemical elements, and provides airtight moisture-proof Anti leakage, insulation and sound insulation protection greatly increase the actual value and service life of the protected products

rhino (TM) spf0.50 is an open cell SPF, while the other product is a closed cell polyurethane foam insulation system. Relevant personnel of the company said that both products have been certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as zero ozone layer destruction

the company said that both products are 100% solid and environmentally friendly -- they do not contain any unstable volatile organic compounds and soluble substances, can be stably attached to almost all object surfaces, and can flexibly change the formula according to different needs to meet special application needs

it is understood that rhino linings group is the world's first brand and industry founder in the spray polyurethane/polyurea protective layer industry, and the world's largest and widely recognized production and sales group of polyurethane/polyurea and composite spray products

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