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The 13th meeting of the second board of directors of Dalian Commodity Exchange was held in Qingdao, Shandong Province on May 5. The meeting reviewed and adopted the 588.4 report on drafting polyvinyl chloride futures contracts and revising the relevant implementation rules, which means that after soliciting opinions and revising, The contents of PVC contract and detailed rules are basically determined

at the meeting on the same day, Liu Xingqiang, general manager of the Dalian futures exchange, made a report on "enhancing confidence, developing steadily, and promoting the Dalian futures market to a new level", summarizing the work of the exchange in 2008 and at present. As for working in the exchange this year, he said that at present, the whole Institute of big business is deeply studying and implementing the spirit of Premier Wen's speech, as well as the spirit of Chairman Shang Fulin and assistant chairman Jiang Yang's speech at the Symposium on futures supervision in Kunming, and actively promoting the work of the following parties who used resistance bridges, capacitance bridges, low-voltage bridges, high-voltage bridges and other aspects at that time:

I In accordance with the approval requirements of the CSRC, we should pay close attention to the preparations before the listing of PVC, continue to do a good job in market cultivation, and strive to gradually build PVC, LLDPE, etc. into another influential futures variety series of soybean, soybean meal, soybean oil and other large foreign merchants in the manufacture of electronic universal experimental machines

II. Continue to do a good job in information system security and market risk prevention to ensure the stable operation of the market. On April 28, the exchange held a risk management seminar for members of the Dalian Commodity Exchange in Dalian, and made in-depth mobilization and deployment for relevant work

III. in accordance with the internal laws of varieties and markets, carry out in-depth market service engineering activities for thousands of factories and enterprises, and further do a good job in the market cultivation of polyethylene, palm oil and other varieties

IV. actively prepare for the three industry conferences of plastics, corn and oil, of which the 2009 China Plastics Industry Conference has been determined to be held in Hangzhou on June

v. run the fourth analyst training course of the futures college well. The training course is planned to be held from May 16 to August 28. 1000 students are enrolled in this period. At present, the number of applicants has greatly exceeded the actual number of students enrolled. At the same time, according to the requirements of the relevant securities regulatory bureau and the association, it is planned to add 6 branches in Changchun, Shenyang, Taiyuan, Wuhan, Kunming and Fuzhou this year, and the total number of branches of the futures college will reach 24

the directors attending the meeting believed that the PVC futures development work of Dachang exchange was solid, the research work was done in depth and in detail, and the contract and detailed rules were designed relatively well. They hoped that the exchange could be listed and traded as soon as possible, so as to further improve the chemical product system of Dalian futures market, improve the market structure, and promote the exchange to take another big step in the construction of comprehensive market. After careful deliberation, the meeting passed the 2008 general manager's work report of the big commercial exchange, the report on the implementation of the 2008 financial budget and the 2009 financial budget (Draft), the report on drafting PVC futures contracts and revising the relevant implementation rules, and the report on the construction of futures buildings

the person in charge of the futures Department of the CSRC attended the meeting and made a speech, which affirmed the relevant work of the big business exchange in 2008

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