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Putin may send the strongest troops to Syria to win the presidential palace of Chechnya. After Turkey shot down Russian warplanes, Russia's anti-terrorism efforts on the Syrian battlefield suffered setbacks. However, at present, is is most worried about the "No. 1 response force" of the Russian army, that is, letting the airborne troops, Russia's most 349 clean room ace, enter Syria in the name of "counter-terrorism"

wearing a blue beret and a green camouflage suit, the Russian airborne troops can be regarded as the most powerful ace troops of the Russian army. This time, will Putin put his trump card - these "red dandelions" (nickname of Soviet airborne soldiers) on the Syrian battlefield? Maybe time will tell us the answer

and the land, sea and air force are tied as the fourth arms of Russia

the Russian airborne army is an independent military service tied with the land, sea and air forces. It carries out airborne operations, is directly under the command of the commander of the airborne army, and is composed of several airborne divisions and brigades. It is an important strategic component of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Its predecessor was the airborne army of the former Soviet Union, which had an amazing scale of up to 100000 soldiers in the Cold War era

Russian airborne troops are a strategic reserve and a strategic assault force. Everyone is a special forces soldier, skilled in various skills. Russian paratroopers have the ability to parachute assault operations in a variety of areas. They are also the only army in the world that can drop paratroopers' combat vehicles with full personnel. This skill is unique

Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded that the Russian Ministry of defense must complete the 2015 annual weapon modernization target "without any discount"; Among them, the index of airborne troops is the highest, reaching 40%

the elite in the army have made miracles repeatedly.

since its birth on August 2, 1930, the Russian airborne has written a chapter of victory and glory, becoming the most popular arms in Russia and regarded as "the elite of the army and the pride of the nation"

the Russian airborne has always been an independent arm, belonging to the strategic reserve of the president of the country, the supreme commander in chief of the armed forces. According to general shpak, the commander of the Russian airborne troops, on November 22 this year, at present, the Russian airborne troops have four airborne divisions and one Airborne Brigade, with a total of about 40000 people

On the night of June 10, 1999, when the United Nations Security Council was still in emergency consultations on the Kosovo issue, the Russian Airborne Brigade, which was carrying out the United Nations peacekeeping mission, sent 200 airborne troops, unknowingly preempted the occupation of Pristina airport, which stunned the NATO military and political leaders

the most courageous in the Chechen War was the 876th airborne assault brigade, which, with the cooperation of the Marine Corps, won Chechnya "always troublesome, and the government includes many small places and large structures"

since 1998, the Russian airborne troops have been equipped with amphibious tanks, further improving the combat capability of the airborne troops with the reputation of "biplane infantry". In the same year, Russian airborne troops began to be arrayed in large numbers ВМ P-3 third generation paratrooper combat vehicle. The 76th Airborne Division also successfully completed the world's first parachute combat vehicle full manned airdrop test. At that time, seven brave airborne soldiers were sitting in a car ВМ In the P-3 paratrooper combat vehicle, the air drop was carried out from 400 meters high by Il-76 transport aircraft

can be sent to Syria at any time to fight terrorism

Russia's "viewpoint" reported that in order to further improve the combat effectiveness of the 7th airborne division of the guards, the Russian Ministry of defense just approved the establishment of a third regiment on the basis of the existing one Airborne assault regiment and one airborne regiment of the division in 2015, and provided more advanced technical equipment. Valeriyuriev, vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Russian airborne Federation and reserve Colonel, said: "at present, violence is spreading all over the world. We have seen that Russia needs to use rapid response units such as airborne troops in the Ukrainian crisis and even the Syrian civil war."

Viktor murahovski, a retired Russian colonel and editor in chief of Arsenal magazine, said that the expansion of airborne troops, including the 7th Division of the guards, showed Russia's determination to form a larger scale rapid response force. He stressed that the possibility of local conflicts between Russia and other countries has greatly increased, so it is necessary to expand the scale of airborne troops

General georgishparker, who served as the commander of the airborne troops from 1996 to 2003, said: "when countries around the world actively develop the rapid reaction force, we almost destroyed it, which is very stupid. Under the current international situation, Russia must vigorously strengthen the construction of the airborne troops and make it a powerful assault group."

some Russian scholars pointed out that at present, western countries are very worried about the entry of Russian airborne troops into Syria in the name of "counter-terrorism", because Russian airborne troops have been trained in overseas counter-terrorism and peacekeeping operations, and have participated in a series of exercises with overseas activity background, which is Moscow's "trump card" at any time

how to refine elite

the selection conditions of airborne soldiers are harsh and the competition is fierce. Sometimes only one of 300-400 people can be admitted

at the Ryazan airborne Academy in Russia, new students have carried out parachute jumping professional training and field training. The trainees wear 45 kg equipment to carry out a 26 kilometer emergency March, and then serve the customer is the mission to carry out survival, physical fitness, shooting, surprise target and other subjects training under extraordinary conditions

Russian paratroopers also pursue "low altitude parachuting" very much. Their advantage is that they can effectively avoid ground attacks and occupy ground targets quickly and accurately. Russian parachutes have special parachutes that western countries simply dare not use, and can be opened at a height of 150 meters or even 100 meters from the ground. Many recruits take An-2 biplane slow aircraft or mi-8 helicopters, or simply practice parachuting from towers or mountains at similar heights with cables

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