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Poor quality lunch boxes are covered with "environmental protection clothes"

this is to save trouble. I bought disposable tableware to hold meals. I don't want the lunch boxes to soften when they hold meals, and the soup seeps everywhere, which makes Ms. Yu, a citizen of Xi'an, very upset. In this regard, experts remind consumers that nowadays, some inferior plastic tableware often have the slogan of environmental protection. Therefore, when buying and using disposable tableware, we must recognize the logo and identify its advantages and disadvantages by smelling and tearing

Ms. Yu said that when buying lunch boxes, she also specially selected lunch boxes with the words "degradable". Recently, dongjinshi, an expert from China Packaging Association, pointed out that "degradable lunch boxes" are just a pretext for businesses to attract business

it is understood that disposable tableware on the market includes degradable lunch boxes, pulp lunch boxes, foam lunch boxes, disposable plastic water cups, etc. Dong Jinshi said that the inferior plastic tableware is mainly unqualified in three aspects: first, the raw materials contain waste plastic; Second, industrial talc powder or industrial calcium carbonate is added during processing; In addition, in order to make the finished products bright and clean and save power during processing, some producers also added industrial paraffin

plastic tableware processed with unqualified raw materials is very harmful. If there is waste plastic in the raw materials, the content of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium will exceed the normal standard, which can lead to the slowdown of children's intellectual development; Too much paraffin can bring diarrhea, respiratory diseases and other hazards to contacts. More seriously, the sulfur content of the produced aluminum concentrate is 0.35%, in which the benzene compound polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons is a strong carcinogen, and the content is very high in industrial paraffin; In addition, the heavy metals in talc powder and calcium carbonate are soluble in acetic acid and oil, and long-term overexposure is easy to cause gallstones

although the harm is so great, driven by interests, some businesses still choose industrial materials to reduce costs. It is reported that the price of a ton of edible talc powder is more than 1000 yuan, while the price of industrial talc powder is no more than 200 yuan per ton

Dong Jinshi said that there is a doggerel to distinguish inferior plastic meals: the hand is soft, and it will break with a gentle tear. China's plastic extruder industry is moving towards a healthy and sustainable development. The smell is pungent and eye choking, it deforms and leaks in case of heat, and it sinks when thrown into the water. Dong Jinshi suggested that consumers should try not to use disposable plastic tableware and avoid colored napkins when eating. If they really want to use this kind of goods, they must pay attention to whether there is a logo and the name of the manufacturer in this wave of new energy vehicle promotion

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