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Put the publishing of market books in a strategic position

publishing should pursue excellence, not mediocrity, and should put the publishing of market books in a strategic position

first, we should fully understand the role of market books in improving the competitiveness of publishing enterprises and increasing the locking competitiveness when reading. Brand books, best sellers, award-winning books, etc. are important components of market books, and are the key factors to form the influence of publishing houses. It can be said that the brand influence generated by a publishing house's market share, book reprint rate, media exposure, channel control, writer aggregation, etc. is achieved through market books. The core of book publishing is that when the small angle reaches the preset value, the books facing the retail market have the highest gold content of sales revenue, which can drive all links of the publishing industry chain such as distribution and printing

second, we should fully understand the role of market books in the brand building of publishing houses. The brand recognition of a publishing house by the public is always accumulated through its advanced publishing concepts and personalized bestsellers. Only recently can market books be competent for brand positioning, brand planning, brand marketing and brand management of publishing houses. The market influence of publishing houses' books is crucial to brand building

third, we should fully understand that the strength of market books is an important symbol to measure the degree of marketization of publishing houses. The proportion of market books in the book structure can explain the degree of marketization of a publishing house. The greater the proportion of books in the market, the higher the degree of marketization, and vice versa. Because market books rely on readers to vote in RMB to realize their value, and there is no element of planned economy. It is the real skill of a publishing house, including stall location, sampling variety, sampling time, testing results and other real skills. Therefore, we often say that the big stage based on the retail market is a real test of the core competitiveness of a publishing house

fourth, we should fully understand the opportunities, risks and challenges faced by making market books. The Sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee has witnessed a new upsurge of great development and prosperity of socialist culture. We can take advantage of this momentum. With the increase of national per capita income, the retail market will continue to expand, and people's investment in spiritual and cultural consumption will continue to increase. At the same time, we should realize that market books have never been a large-scale profitable field, and opportunities and risks coexist. The profit margin of market books is relatively low. Therefore, the publishing of bestsellers is the inevitable choice of publishing houses. It's hard to sustain yourself as a market book without being a best seller

fifth, we should fully understand that making market books is a long-term and persistent process, which needs to be built with heart and time. Product groups, reader groups and channels all need years of cultivation, which cannot be achieved overnight

in addition, to make market books, we should establish the concept of supporting books with books. Because it is impossible to make money from books in the market. But every book is a possibility, an opportunity. This requires us to grasp the reader positioning and market positioning, form unique topic selection characteristics, and implement differentiated competition

sixth, we should fully understand that market books are the support of digital transformation. No matter how the media form changes, publishing is always the king of content. With rich and exclusive content resources and brand influence of market books, digital publishing can be relied on and become popular

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