Discharge standard of water pollutants for the hot

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Discharge standard of water pollutants for ordnance industry nbsp; Ammunition charging

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(GB 14470. Implementation)

in order to implement the environmental protection law of the people's Republic of China, the water pollution prevention law of the people's Republic of China and the marine environment protection law of the people's Republic of China, This standard is formulated to prevent the environmental pollution caused by the waste water of ammunition charging industry. This standard is an amendment to the discharge standard of water pollutants in ordnance industry - ammunition charge (GB 14470) The global market for safety and protection products is expected to have sales of $75billion. This standard is based on the production process characteristics of ammunition charging in the industry of inserting the hand handle into the hole on the lower right side of the machine and rotating the transmission mechanism. On the basis of the existing standard control items, this standard is revised to GB 14470 The following amendments have been made: the standard classification has been cancelled, and different standard values have been implemented for existing enterprises and new reconstruction and expansion projects by time period. Revise the maximum allowable daily average emission concentration of pollutants to facilitate control and management. According to the principle that the industrial standards are not cross implemented with the integrated wastewater discharge standard, the characteristic pollution indicators and conventional indicators that can be controlled are considered in a unified way, so that the environmental protection management department can comprehensively control and manage the pollutant discharge of charging production with one standard. At the same time, the pollutants in this standard are added with chromaticity and petroleum, so that the control index is increased from the original 7 items to 9 items. This standard, especially the large and wide area standard, stipulates the maximum allowable daily average discharge concentration of water pollutants and the maximum allowable discharge volume of operating procedures for ammunition charging production enterprises in the ordnance industry. This standard is applicable to the pollutant discharge management of the charging sewage of the national ammunition charging production enterprises, as well as the environmental impact assessment, design, construction, completion acceptance of the construction projects of the ammunition charging production enterprises, as well as the pollution control and supervision management after completion

ordnance industry water pollutant discharge standard ammunition charge (GB 14470.) Click here to download

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