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Nanhua Futures: PTA spot prices tend to improve, futures prices stop falling and rebound slightly

[today's trend]

today, pta909 opened at 6748 and finally closed at 6776, up 44 from yesterday's settlement price, with the highest intraday price of 6812 and the lowest price of 6720, and the daily average price of 48 higher than the previous trading day. The total component will suddenly break, with 586352 transactions. The inefficient utilization of materials and waste of materials will lead to the increase of the overall cost to 235466, Compared with the previous trading day, it increased by 9978

[fundamental analysis]

last trading day: in terms of crude oil, the main contract of WTI crude oil closed at US $71.33/barrel, up 1.32 from the previous trading day; The main contract of Brent crude oil closed at $70.8/barrel, up 1.18 from the previous trading day; The average daily price of naphtha in Japan was $592/barrel, up 27 from the previous trading day; The average daily price of FOB Korea MX was $781/barrel, up 4% from the previous trading day; The average daily price of FOB South Korea PX was $973/barrel, down 1% from the previous trading day

today: the low price of PTA market starts from bit by bit, and the inquiry is more than that in the morning. The mentality of the inner seller is gradually approaching the 7000 integer figure; The outer offer was pushed up to USD/ton

meg market afternoon inquiry atmosphere continued to push up. In the internal market, the large order offer is around 4650, and the small order offer rises to around 4600; The outer disc negotiation climbed towards 565

in polyester, affected by the rise in futures prices, polyester production and sales have significantly increased compared with the previous period, filament and chip prices have increased by yuan, staple fiber as a whole has been relatively stable, and the quotations of individual manufacturers have slightly increased

[general comment]

crude oil was affected by the sharp decline in EIA inventory report, standing above $71, and the decline of raw material PX weakened. Yesterday, it fell slightly by $1, making PTA futures prices temporarily stable and rising. After opening slightly higher, it continued to fluctuate upward. Most of the time, it fluctuated in a narrow range, and the trading volume was slightly high. Take out the jaw chuck. Technically, there is no obvious rebound in the current futures price, which is mainly affected by the PX price of raw materials and the trend of crude oil. There are large differences in multiple spaces, and the 6800 price is concerned

[operation suggestions]

empty orders can be appropriately reduced to hold

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