Disadvantages of the hottest website in marketing

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Disadvantages of standing in marketing

from the perspective of marketing, standing is not only the appearance of an enterprise, but also an important marketing tool. It can be said that many stations have not done this at present. What you see is just some non creative words and pictures. Some pages are beautifully designed, but careful analysis has nothing to do with the content of the station! Perhaps, at present, the accelerated development of Internet makes the design and production of stations still stay at the initial level. Therefore, please pay attention to the following contents: on the one hand, the information capacity of stations is too small, and most stations only have a few general web pages, which are far from being able to achieve the function of marketing in terms of function and information. Of course, the marketing we are talking about here does not necessarily require you to realize shopping or make any transactions, Marketing here is a generalized idea, such as displaying the corporate image through unique information, improving the status of the enterprise in the hearts of customers, so as to drive sales; Then we should try our best to form our own characteristics in customer relations, improve the quality of after-sales service, so as to increase business opportunities, and so on. Of course, if we can realize the direct use of the Internet for sales, and strengthen distribution support, return services and other measures, it will further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. In this sense, in the process of station construction, the selection of station content is very important, because marketing lacks the advantage of traditional face-to-face communication. Visitors can only understand the differences of products or services through the introduction on the station. If in general, there is nothing new, and customers are likely to be attracted by other stations. We will talk about how to establish a marketing Station in the following site design skills. On the other hand, at present, the most prominent problem of domestic stations is that they do not create an atmosphere for visitors. What they have on the station is just a list of company information, product information, and at most an additional guestbook (the headache is that sometimes this guestbook is found after running for a long time, and it simply cannot receive messages normally!), When it comes to creating an atmosphere, it seems to be too general. In other words, visitors should be able to experience a unique corporate culture, spirit, or corporate culture in the process of browsing the station. For example, General Electric Company of the United States, an enterprise that brought light to mankind because of the great inventor Edison, has two intangible assets that make the composite industry also win good performance, which any enterprise envies, namely, the noble pedigree of scientific and technological inventions and the reputation of the people's good in pressing the ABS key of the digital display ruler. They will make full use of their intangible assets to create a unique atmosphere of kinship: in the warm morning light and the vibrant lush green, the grandparents and grandchildren enjoying their family life on the wooden chair are laughing heartlessly; The red column bar at the top makes the blue woolen clothes on the green leaves and characters particularly distinctive, and the quiet, cheerful and comfortable atmosphere is in sharp contrast to the tireless scientists and tense and complicated laboratories in the figure below; Under the condition of ensuring that the plastic packaging materials are non-toxic, hygienic and environmental friendly, the motto "we bring good things to life" sets off the picture full of family affection, and the grandmother's care for grandchildren becomes the center of the whole page. Naturally, it also sublimates GE's business philosophy to the height of caring for human beings. How effective is this homepage design? The screen has not yet launched any "latest products" or displayed a "super function", and the audience has felt happy. This method of being affectionate before becoming a tune and not talking about business reflects the company's generosity, which is quite different from that of ordinary enterprises; The use of Human Kinship paves the way for resolving the distance between the company and customers: the company is already committed to cultivating beloved kinship. Will you have any doubts about our products and enterprises at the level of security and trust? The purpose of creating a specific atmosphere is to enable customers or visitors to easily understand the enterprise culture, establish the overall image of the enterprise in their minds, deepen the understanding of the enterprise brand, and promote the development of marketing activities. Unfortunately, at present, there are few attempts in this regard in domestic stations, and more are to move their own business up, trying to wait for business to come. The fact is, there are few opportunities. In addition, most enterprise stations engaged in commodity trading also have a disadvantage more or less. What is it? First of all, I want to ask you a question: domestic consumers are familiar with the traditional trading methods. Why do they want to shop from the Internet? This is one of them; More importantly: how to make consumers believe in your products or goods? Don't ignore it. Consumers have been scared by fake and shoddy products! The key to answer the above two questions is that trading stations (especially small and medium-sized enterprise trading stations) should not only facilitate the consumption of visitors, but also how to build stations from the standpoint of consumers! Speaking of the promotion of enterprise stations, it can be said that the biggest drawback in the application of enterprise stations at present is that they don't know how to publicize their own stations. "The fragrance of wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley". If a station does not promote and publicize, the best content is useless. But this problem exists in enterprise stations at present. Generally speaking, enterprise stations are built through a package of services provided by professional network service providers since 2017. These services focus on the early line erection, server and station design, and often ignore the later promotion services, Because of lack of experience in this field, our enterprise managers do not pay attention to it. They often register domestic (foreign) search engines after the establishment of the station, and then tell their peers, agents or customers the news of the establishment of their own station

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