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The spot price of polypropylene (PP) in the United States rose

the sellers of polypropylene (PP) in the United States increased the spot export price in the U.S. market in April to cope with the increase in the price of propylene monomer (PP) in the U.S. market

in April, the net return of Latin American market was still high, but a supplier believed that the arbitrage space between American and Asian markets had not been opened yet

the second spot price of wire drawing and injection molding products is cents/pound (US dollars/ton or euros/ton) (FOB Houston). In the same period, the export price of polypropylene (PP) was US cents/pound

a trader said: "if the monomer price does not rise, we will not increase the spot price of polypropylene (PP), one of which is called" Shenui mysterious light " Due to the shortage of supply, the price of polymer grade propylene (PP) in the United States increased by 3.5 cents/pound in April compared with March

another trader said that due to the growth of gasoline prices in the U.S. market driving the growth of various chemical prices in the United States, the current polypropylene (PP) market conditions are sufficient to meet the growth of product prices in April

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