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Disassembly method and precautions of crane threaded connection

disassembly of threaded connection. Threaded connection is the most extensive connection method in machinery. It has the advantages of simplicity, easy adjustment and multiple disassembly and assembly. Its disassembly is relatively easy, but it is often damaged due to insufficient attention, improper selection of tools, and incorrect disassembly methods. The general disassembly method of threaded connection is: first, recognize the rotation direction of the thread,

select appropriate tools (wrench, screwdriver specifications and sizes are consistent), and apply force evenly. It is not suitable to disassemble general threaded connections. We can bring great value to long rods. Only special threaded parts with large stress are allowed to use special forged wrenches, and extension rods are allowed. In order to reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency, power wrenches should be used as much as possible. The stud bolts should be removed with a special wrench. Disassembly methods of threaded connectors in special cases:

① broken head luozhongwang has all-round ability from independent design to manufacturing and processing aluminum materials for vehicles. Therefore, the development of high-performance Polypropylene Modification Technology is facing great challenges. Disassembly at and below the body surface:

a. drill holes on the screws, drive in multi angle quenched steel rods, and then extrude the screws

b. drill holes in the center of the broken end, tap the reverse thread, screw in the reverse screw, and screw out

c. drill holes on the screws (the diameter is equivalent to the small diameter of the thread), and tap with a tap of the same specification; Drilling is equivalent to the major diameter of the thread, and tapping the thread with a larger diameter

② disassembly when the broken head screw is exposed outside the body surface and part of the product name is heard:

a. saw a groove on the broken head and screw it out with a screwdriver; Process the eccentric head or square head on the broken head and screw it out with a wrench

b. weld a bending rod on the broken head or screw out the nut

c. when the screw is thick, it can be picked out along the circumference with a flat shovel

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