B.C. tribunal rejects homeowners bid for nearly $3

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B.C. tribunal rejects homeowners' bid for nearly $300K in compensation for lost lake views - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

B.CThe pandemic than we were today,.’s Civil Resolution Tribunal has ruled against a couple who sought nearly $300,000 in compensation because their neighbours obstructed their view of Okanagan Lake.

In a decision issued Dechealth-care workers who work with patients directly. 22Ontario has said it expects everyone aged 18 and over to be able to book a vaccine b, tribunal member Chad McCarthy dismissed the complaints of Joel and Samantha Becker, which stemmed from their neighbours’ placement of two objects on a balcony.?

The couple alleged that the objects – which McCarthy refers to in his decision as privacy screens – violated 10 different bylaws implemented by the condo owners’ association, known in B.C. as a strata corporationCalgary Bureau.

The claim sought an order compelling the strata corporation to remove the objects and pay the couple $279,141.18.

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