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According to the requirements of the State Environmental Protection Administration, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Xingning District shut down 10 small paper-making enterprises that did not conform to the national industrial policies in 2007. In inspection 5, when the machine was shut down for inspection according to the procedure requirements after the end of the operation, we mainly focused on several aspects: first, we strengthened supervision over the paper-making enterprises that failed to shut down for rectification as required and secretly produced, and ordered them to stop production again; The second is to guide the enterprises with the intention of changing production to carry out the work of changing production; Third, guide enterprises to re apply for resumption of production by means of restructuring such as expanding production capacity and increasing environmental pollution control facilities in accordance with the requirements of the national admittance standard, part of the technical patents utilized by Bochuang bu6800 (excluding the technical patents under application)

on March 27th, 2008, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Xingning District organized law enforcement officers to inspect the 10 paper-making enterprises that were shut down by the government in the area. During the inspection, it was found that Nanning Xinghua paper mill, located in Kunlun town, carried out trial production without approval when rebuilding the sewage treatment tank, and secretly discharged the untreated wastewater into the nearby open space. The Environmental Protection Bureau of Xingning District has asked the enterprise to stop trial production immediately, Stop the illegal discharge and plan to file a case for handling; Nanning yongshengda paper products Co., Ltd. is making preliminary preparations for changing production; After re examination and approval, Nanning Hongyuan paper mill has obtained the reply from Nanning Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau that polylactic acid and starch based plastics will continue to dominate the biodegradable plastic packaging market, and is now adding sewage treatment facilities on the original site; The rest of the paper mills continued to stop production for renovation in accordance with the requirements of shutdown and renovation without specifying the restructuring method

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