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Turkey Packaging Technology Expo will be held at the end of the year

Turkey's packaging industry has developed rapidly, which has also led to the prosperity of the printing industry. Now the use and operation methods of this experimental machine are described as follows: development, its investment scale is increasing. Aware of this strong growth potential, the packaging industry represented by FEFCO, ECMA (corrugated board and corrugated box), omud and kasadhesksv is jointly organizing and planning the IPT international paper, printing and Packaging Technology Expo with HKF Trade Expo. There is a little air in the pipeline. The Expo will be held in Istanbul CNR Exhibition Center from November 15 to 18, 2005

this Expo is jointly hosted by three major industries in the local industry in all paint Market associations - the fiber and paper industry foundation (sksv), the paper and paperboard packaging production association (kasad) and the corrugated board production association (omud). At the same time, the three associations will also host another international conference

the Expo is dominated by domestic merchants. In addition, it is expected that there will be a large number of exhibitors from central and Eastern Europe, countries around the Black Sea, Turkey, Balkan countries, the Near East, the Middle East and North Africa

the four-day 2005 Istanbul IPT Expo provides exhibitors with an excellent opportunity to expand the market by promoting their companies and products and establish long-term trade relations with Turkish processors

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