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Shift to "cloud" for breakthrough CCTV's heavy report on Shanhe intelligence

shift to "cloud" for breakthrough CCTV's heavy report on Shanhe intelligence

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on August 19, the "Morning News" column of CCTV channel, with the title of "engineering machinery shift to" cloud ", commented that Shanhe intelligence has innovated the marketing mode to promote the industrialization process since the covid-19 epidemic, and used big data to improve products, The layout of online sales network and the realization of sales growth against the trend were highlighted

he Qinghua, chairman of Shanhe intelligence, participated in the webcast

with the active promotion and participation of he Qinghua, chairman of Shanhe intelligence, Shanhe intelligence took the lead in the industry to fight Internet and carried out a series of online marketing activities

On February 20, when the domestic epidemic was fierce, he Qinghua, chairman of Shanhe intelligence, appeared in the first live broadcast of the company on time. He Qinghua interacted with global customers on topics such as the resumption of work and production of enterprises and the development trend of the industry. CCTV mobile, Toutiao today and "smart Changsha" and other online live broadcast platforms synchronously broadcast this online live broadcast debut of Shanhe intelligent chairman he Qinghua. Nearly 400000 people followed, making Shanhe intelligent chairman he Qinghua's idea of moving to the "cloud" clearer

British Red introduces Shanhe intelligent products

since then, various online activities of Shanhe intelligent have become extremely frequent, and marketing actions such as second auction, micro excavation conference, online industrial exhibition, etc. emerge in endlessly. On July 27, the first excavator swe17u of Shanhe intelligent for sale was officially launched for sale. Swe17u is a useful attempt of Shanhe intelligence to improve its products by using big data

In an interview with CCTV, he Qinghua, chairman of Shanhe intelligence, said that the epidemic has changed people's production and life, but the Internet has shortened the distance between people. The use of video conferencing, sales, learning and office will greatly improve our efficiency. Even if the epidemic is over, these healthy means will still be accepted and used by people

CCTV report full text:

first line information on the implementation of "six stabilities" and "six guarantees" | construction machinery has moved to the "cloud"

host: since the occurrence of the COVID-19, the traditional sales methods have been affected to varying degrees, and the cloud economy has become a new growth pole. In Hunan, a major construction machinery manufacturing province, many enterprises have caught up with the network express, used big data to improve products, and laid out online sales networks, realizing the contrarian growth of sales

dubbing: in the Shanhe intelligent production workshop, a micro excavator is being tested before leaving the factory. This excavator is small and flexible, with various functions. It is also the first Internet exclusive product launched by Shanhe intelligent

sound: Liu Junyi, vice president of the General Research Institute of excavators

the chassis is retractable. If customers want to enter the door opening or the room, they should pay attention to shrinking the chassis. They can drive directly into the room by painting antirust oil often

dubbing: different from the past, this new product is developed after studying customer needs based on big data. In the Internet Promotion Department of Shanhe intelligence, the big data platform automatically collects customers' browsing habits and message content on the site every week, and accurately transmits customers' latest needs to enterprises after summary and analysis

Synch: Peng Ying, marketing director of the marketing center

like foreign customers who need our mini excavators, sometimes they can go into his room to carry out some construction and operations. He may need this excavator to pass through a narrower space, such as the door of the room. We will feed back this information and data to our R & D department in a timely manner

dubbing: after timely understanding customer needs, the R & D department's efforts are also more accurate. In this way, Shanhe intelligent's first internet dedicated product was born. It not only meets the requirements of customers to enter the house, but also enables the machine to achieve more functions by adding three groups of pipelines

simultaneous sound: Liu Junyi, vice president of excavator Research Institute

can rotate and grab, and has several functions at the same time. Just like human wrists, they can move in all directions. With different data, for example, you can break (function) or sweep the floor

dubbing: in the first half of this year, the multifunctional micro excavator developed by Shanhe intelligent became the main product in the overseas market and was exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other markets. The export volume of small and micro excavators increased by 68.0% year-on-year. In order to keep production up with the speed of research and development, Changsha Economic Development Zone, where Shanhe intelligence is located, has issued a number of policies to support enterprises to build intelligent production lines. Shanhe intelligence has not only received a supporting fund of 1million yuan for intelligent manufacturing innovation, but also received a financial reward of 8million yuan as the first batch of 5g+ industrial interconnection projects in the economic development zone

Synch: shenyumou, Secretary of Changsha county Party committee, Hunan Province, the workshop production line has reached the level of intelligent manufacturing, reducing the artificial error rate as much as possible, and making our intelligent manufacturing production line adapt to the ever-changing market

dubbing: moving to the cloud not only enables construction machinery products to more accurately meet the needs of global customers, but also opens up a broader overseas market for construction machinery enterprises. According to Alibaba international trading data, the transaction amount of Hunan machinery enterprises increased by 137% year-on-year in the first half of this year. In particular, construction machinery accessories are the most popular products in the international market. Driven by the loading industry, Hunan's foreign trade bucked the trend from January to July this year, and the total import and export value of the province was 251.05 billion yuan, an increase of 11.1% year-on-year, about 12.8 percentage points higher than the national average

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