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2008 -- the turning point of China's IC design industry

the development of semiconductor technology and industry in the past 50 years has brought earth shaking changes to the whole world and people's lives. Computers, and the Internet have changed people's lives forever. In the past 50 years, semiconductor technology and industry have been one of the engines of world economic development

in the next 10 years, the semiconductor industry will gradually become a mature industry and a low profit industry. The annual growth rate of the semiconductor industry will drop from double digits to units, and the total output and sales of IC will continue to increase, but the profit margin will decline. The communication and consumer markets will continue to grow. The majority of consumers will receive substantial benefits. More and more consumers can afford the price of terminal electronic products, and more and more electronic products will enter the homes of ordinary people

in view of the slowdown in the development speed of the entire industry and the decline in profit margins, the next 10 years, whether large semiconductor companies or small and medium-sized semiconductor companies, will certainly not be better than the past 10 years. But good companies will continue to emerge. People will constantly invent new technologies and create good products, and the new market demand will in turn provide new opportunities for semiconductor companies. So as long as we can grasp the pulse of the market, launch high-performance and high-quality products in time, strengthen communication with customers, improve the company's management mechanism, and create a good corporate culture, China's small and medium-sized companies still have the opportunity to grow

the successful listing of Zhongxing microelectronics on NASDAQ is undoubtedly a major event in China's semiconductor industry. Venture capital has paid unprecedented attention and optimism to China's semiconductor industry for more than a year. In recent years, hundreds of IC design companies have been established in Chinese Mainland, and many companies developing similar products have gathered in each field. The phenomenon of clustering is serious, and the market competition has become extremely fierce. In the future, the main problems faced by Chinese IC design companies are the lack of year-end assessment funds, insufficient technical stamina, and slow brand construction

therefore, 2008 is likely to be a turning point for China's IC design industry. China's IC market has been growing at a high speed for several consecutive years, and there is a great chance that the speed will slow down in the next few years. Many IC design companies have not made breakthroughs in products and markets after burning a lot of money. Such enterprises will be unsustainable and operate poorly. At the same time, a number of excellent enterprises will become stronger and stronger. They can grasp the pulse of the market, constantly launch high-performance and high-quality products, strengthen the construction of market channels, improve the logistics system, and truly become the backbone of China's IC industry

Shengbang microelectronics focuses on high-quality and high-performance analog ICs. In the field of Analog IC, the relative technical threshold is decreasing year by year. More and more companies in Taiwan and Chinese Mainland have begun to set foot in this field. Traditional European and American companies are facing more and more challenges in this field. Mainland companies began to occupy a place in the mainland market because they reacted quickly and were closer to the market. With the increasingly fierce competition in the simulator market, traditional European and American companies are more and more difficult to maintain their competitiveness in the simulator market, and can only develop to a higher degree of system integration

however, it is difficult to be an analog IC company as a digital IC company. A few successful products can generate huge sales, and even an IPO can be done. Being a simulation company is a process of gradual accumulation. There are many products in the simulation field, and the customers are also very scattered. Therefore, the key to realize recycling production is to recycle plastic and do it step by step. In terms of product quality, analog products also have higher requirements than digital products, and more reliability experiments are needed. If you are not prepared to fight a protracted war and are eager for quick success and instant benefits, you can only be too quick to achieve. In fact, I think the success opportunities of China's analog IC companies and digital IC companies in the future are the same. The key is to see how to do it and how to grasp it

in 2008, Shengbang Microelectronics will continue to launch various DC-DC conversion, battery charging, audio power amplifier, video driver and other chips. In the category of power management, Shengbang's 7-channel DC-DC converter sgm2100 is a power management unit (PMU) specially developed for digital cameras, GPS and intelligence

it integrates boost DC-DC, step-down DC-DC, negative pressure DC-DC, backlight drive and LCD bias voltage circuits. The chip will provide system manufacturers with a complete power management scheme, which can effectively help system manufacturers shorten the product development cycle

I hope that Shengbang will further establish its brand and make its own characteristics in 2008, from comprehensively following the market in the early stage to leading the sample in individual fields. The original gauge length l market should be marked according to the provisions of gb/t 228.1

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