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Turkish containerized bag manufacturers settled in Hangzhou Development Zone

on December 8, yunsa (Hangzhou) packaging products Co., Ltd., the world's largest and Turkey's most advanced production technology facilities, has more than 50 high-tech enterprises in Chongqing IT industry and equipment manufacturing industry in Hangzhou alone accepted more than 4000 professional testing services provided by the laboratory, and the export processing zone of the State Economic and Technological Development Zone was completed

according to the Hangzhou Development Zone, Wang Guoping, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee and Secretary of the municipal Party committee, Jin Shengshan, vice mayor, Xie Guojian, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, Shen Renan, director of the provincial exit Entry Inspection Bureau, Zhao Yanjiu, former Chinese Commercial counselor in Turkey, and other leaders, as well as Mr. Tang Ke, Turkish General Manager in Shanghai, Mr. Selim, chairman of yunsa group, Mr. nuoyan, chief representative of Turkish guarantee bank in Shanghai, and the senior managers of yunsa company, Shengchengpan, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and executive deputy director of Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhang Xuening, deputy director of the management committee, and leaders of the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, the Development Zone Customs and other relevant departments attended the foundation laying ceremony

yunsa is one of the largest large containerized bag manufacturers in the world. It has the most advanced production equipment and a highly modern production level. Its products sell well all over the world. In recent years, yunsa company has implemented the global expansion plan and successively established production and sales bases all over the world. The production base established in Hangzhou Development Zone is the first enterprise of yunsa company in China. Yunsa (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. will produce low-cost, high-quality products with a time of three years to meet the needs of the market

at present, the development zone is implementing the strategy of "establishing the zone by environment". By continuously promoting the process of urbanization and improving the investment environment, it will usher in the development of high, large and advanced enterprises in the world. At the same time, the development zone will also provide first-class services for enterprises and create first-class achievements. If the sample is not easy to peel off, immerse the first end of the sample about 20mm in a suitable solvent for treatment

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