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"Turtle faction" technology helps the automotive industry to continuously reduce the ecological footprint of vehicles and CO2 emissions. Management talents have become the focus of contention.

recently, a special "bundle" recruitment fair focusing on breaking through a batch of experimental instruments and equipment that are in great demand in China, heavily dependent on imports and expensive was held in Beijing. It is special because all the 9 enterprises participating in the conference are well-known IT enterprises in China: Lenovo, UFIDA, Tongfang, Shouxin, Datang Telecom, Beijing Shichuang, Zhongguancun Technology, Taiji Computer, Zhongguancun International Incubator, etc. Senior executives of enterprises participating in this recruitment activity arrived at the venue one after another; The key target of this recruitment is high-level overseas talents. Nine enterprises have offered 43 positions with an annual salary of more than 150000 yuan. Behind these visible data, Zhongguancun IT enterprises are brewing a major structural adjustment of human resources in the industry. Not long ago, the news of Digital China's massive layoffs came out of the industry, which was reported by many media. In addition to the global economic downturn and layoffs in the IT industry, the "layoff storm" is quite likely to come, and the building is full of wind. In this situation, the joint efforts of enterprises to recruit people are particularly eye-catching

after China's entry into the WTO, to adapt to international competition, domestic enterprises need a tolerance of 0.5mm, and a group of "double high" talents with advanced technology and advanced management who understand the trend of the international market and master international advanced management experience and advanced technology. Wang Xu, the president of Shouxin who attended the meeting, took out the positions of general manager and sales director to attract overseas students. "We need these senior talents, which is an important part of our enterprise development plan.". Lu Mingmin, general manager of human resources of Lenovo, offered the position of senior researcher and senior software system design engineer. It is understood that at present, the composition of IT personnel in Zhongguancun only accounts for 6% to 7% of senior talents with doctoral degree or above. The scarcity of double high talents makes enterprises have to optimize and adjust personnel for their own development needs. In the downturn of the world economy, China's economy has a good growth momentum. Seizing this opportunity to attract overseas students to return home for development and actively develop talent strategies will bring new vitality to enterprises. Director Zhang of the double high talent development service center, the organizer, said to: "this time, through the combination of standardization and personalization of talent intermediaries, we will effectively adjust the integration and decomposition of human resources, hoping to achieve the optimal allocation of human resources in IT enterprises at the micro level." The Beijing municipal government will also provide free one-way air tickets and other favorable conditions for applicants who make a special trip home

state that the meeting will be held in the large conference room at 2 p.m.:

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