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[turning to promote new highlights · Bengbu chapter] the "glass city" rushed to the provincial leading phalanx

Fangxing technology touch screen production line, and the staff are carefully working on

Kaisheng technology 1. The 5GW Cu in GA se thin film solar cell project was officially started in September last year and is currently accelerating as planned. The total investment of the project is 10billion yuan, and 10 production lines will be built to form 1. With a production capacity of more than 5GW, the first phase will invest 2.5 billion yuan to build two 1 solar cell production lines with a maximum of several meters and 50 megawatts. After the completion of the project, it is expected to achieve a sales revenue of nearly 100 billion yuan, and become the largest production base for the production of copper indium gallium selenium thin-film solar cells and the transformation and upgrading of enterprises in China

last year, Bengbu became a silicon-based new material industrial agglomeration development base mainly supported by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government. The city seized this major opportunity to fully promote the construction of the development base. The agglomeration effect has become increasingly prominent, and the industrial development has continued to grow

Bengbu is known as the "glass city". After years of careful cultivation, it has formed a gathering trend with Longzihu district and high tech Zone as the core area, Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute as the leader, and Fangxing technology, AVIC Sanxin, Shengguang technology, Zhongheng new materials and other backbone enterprises as the support, creating three complete industrial chains with new display industry chain, solar cell industry chain and glass products as the main line, With the development system supplemented by siliceous powder materials and core equipment, there are more than 60 enterprises above the scale of silicon-based new material industry. The construction of the first high aluminum cover glass production line for touch screen in China has started, and a number of self-developed core technologies such as ultra-thin glass molding have been fully integrated, effectively filling the gap in the production of high aluminum cover glass in China; Bengbu China building materials information display materials Co., Ltd. ultra thin glass production line with completely independent intellectual property rights, 0. 2mm ultra-thin glass substrates are rolled off the production line in batches, with a yield of 90%, which is at the international advanced and domestic leading level, creating the record of the thinnest float glass in China; Bengbu Glass Design Institute took the lead in developing high-performance hollow glass beads. The diameter of the product is only one quarter of the hair. The glass floats on the water and has been successfully applied to the underwater robot "Haima", the first 4500 meter deep-sea remote control unmanned submersible operating system independently developed by China

the development trend of industrial agglomeration is becoming more and more obvious, major project achievements are emerging, high-end products fill the gap, and core technologies are leading in China The outline of Bengbu silicon-based new material industry base has begun to take shape, and the development path is becoming clearer. Accelerating the "transformation promotion" and promoting the construction of silicon-based new material industrial base has become the main engine of transformation and upgrading and a new growth pole of economic development

for Bengbu, the silicon-based new material industry has a good foundation, the comprehensive level is in the forefront of the country, and the province is in the lead. However, there are still some problems in the daily inspection of voltage changes, such as the lack of some major links, imperfect supporting facilities, and insufficient leading enterprises. It is urgent to further extend the industrial chain and improve the development system

the emmont industrial robot manufacturing base project with an investment of 200million yuan was constructed and put into operation at the end of last year, mainly producing flat glass production line grading stacking robots, bagged material grabbing and stacking robots, etc. It is estimated that the sales revenue will exceed 100 million yuan this year

based on its own characteristics and existing foundation, how to speed up the construction of silicon-based new material industry cluster development base? "A development plan, an investment promotion plan, a policy guarantee, a think tank support, a promotion mechanism, and a goal management." Zhou Chunyu, Secretary of the Bengbu Municipal Party committee, made it clear at the investment promotion meeting of the silicon based new materials industrial base that projects should be used to support the development of the industrial base, further strengthen investment attraction, accelerate the pace of leapfrog development, and sprint to the leading square of the province

"Bengbu has advantages in policy environment, industrial supporting facilities, transportation location, etc., and has a large platform for the provincial silicon-based new material industry development base, which has contributed to the implementation of the project." Bengbu Guoxian technology LCD module project was officially put into operation, which has become another successful example of the continuous extension of the industrial chain of the silicon-based new material industrial agglomeration development base in the city. Talking about the reasons for its development in Bengbu, Ou Mulan, chairman of Shenzhen Guoxian technology, gave this explanation

the whole city has firmly established and implemented the five development concepts of "innovation, China's first heavy machinery branch has adopted the dual vacuum method to manufacture 12%cr ultra supercritical rotors since 2008, which are coordinated, green, open and shared", and strives to move towards the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and sprinting towards the provincial leading matrix in an all-round way. In particular, we should take innovation as the leading driving force to lead development, take the in-depth implementation of the "486" action plan as the general focus of economic development, pay more attention to industrial transformation and upgrading, and concentrate on promoting the construction of provincial silicon-based new materials strategic emerging industry agglomeration development base and municipal intelligent equipment, biological manufacturing, characteristic electronic components and other industrial agglomeration development base, and strive to achieve the goal of high-tech industry The added value of strategic emerging industries accounts for more than 50% and 45% of industries above Designated Size respectively

in the first quarter of this year, 114 silicon-based enterprises in the city completed a total output value of 114. 3.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26. 7%。 In March, the output value of the month was 50. 8.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30. 2%。

efforts continue. Just last month, it covered an area of 60 mu with a total investment of 6. Deli's new polymer membrane material project of 500 million yuan was successfully signed and settled in Longzihu District, Bengbu City. After the completion of the project, it will achieve an annual output of 100 million square meters of membrane materials and a sales revenue of 500 to 700 million yuan. At the same time, establish a high-performance membrane material engineering technology research center, increase R & D investment, speed up the transformation of new technological achievements, realize the diversified application of high-performance membranes, and strive to build Bengbu into an important silicon-based functional membrane material industry cluster in the country

standing at a new starting point, Bengbu is striding forward with a high attitude

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