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From "white pollution" to "green wealth" On September 18, the solid waste recycling expert group of the Ministry of science and technology came to Fujian for research. More than 20 experts, scholars and enterprise representatives from our province participated in the symposium held by the Provincial Department of science and technology. Everyone believed that resource recycling has been included in China's strategic emerging industries, and Fujian construction, as a national ecological civilization pilot area, shoulders the important task of developing a circular economy first. Dean of the school of environmental science and engineering of Fujian Normal University Professor chenqinghua, the doctoral supervisor, and three representatives of the business community focused on the issue of high-value utilization of plastic recycling. Taking this opportunity to further understand their practice and thinking, this article was published in the 7th issue of modern practical medicine in 2014

land and sea environmental protection attaches importance to resource recycling, which is a recycling plastic sorting workshop

garbage is a treasure placed in the wrong place

plastic products bring convenience and beauty, but also endless troubles. Especially with the rapid development of express logistics industry, people exclaim "garbage besieged city" and "white pollution", and some even say that "plastic is the worst invention of mankind". The annual output of plastic products in China has reached nearly 90million tons. Waste plastics are landfilled with garbage, which not only occupies a large space, but also takes a long time for the natural degradation of plastic materials, affecting the sustainable use of land; If burned, it will produce a lot of toxic gases

waste plastics, discarded is garbage, picked up but become resources. Sorting and high-value utilization can create wealth. Professor chenqinghua said, "plastic comes from oil and coal, and waste plastic is' the second mineral deposit of mankind 'and' the treasure of the city '. Plastic recycling can alleviate the shortage of crude oil resources in China to a certain extent, and play a positive role in promoting energy conservation and emission reduction and the development of circular economy."

garbage sorting is not all dirty and messy work, but also fashionable and intelligent. As the first listed company focusing on environmental sanitation in China, Fujian Longma environmental sanitation equipment Co., Ltd. proposed a smart waste classification solution and launched "waste classification and environmental protection post stations" in Xiamen and Haikou

in the beautiful Xiagang street, Siming District, Xiamen, "garbage classification and environmental protection at this time, press the button post station" has become a scenic spot. Each garbage dropping opening is an automatic lifting door, and the window automatically opens when garbage is dropped, which is very convenient. The environmental protection post station is equipped with intelligent weighing. If the classification is incorrect, a reminder message will be sent. Residents can convert the weight of garbage into points every time they scan the QR code, and points can be exchanged for gifts

initiate the collaborative development strategy of "anlimu expresses the environmental sanitation equipment manufacturing and environmental sanitation industry services" in this way. Longma environmental sanitation drives the sales of environmental sanitation equipment and the research and development of new products by undertaking the urban environmental sanitation integration PPP project and the environmental sanitation integration service outsourcing project. In the newly entered environmental sanitation industry service field, the total contract amount reaches 7billion yuan, and has become one of the most competitive environmental sanitation system service supply enterprises

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