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World pump King Yang Wei "the world's largest" Span Double-layer highway suspension bridge

world pump King Yang Wei "the world's largest" Span Double-layer highway suspension bridge

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Wuhan yangsigang Yangtze River Bridge

Sany equipment is particularly prominent on the construction site of Wuhan yangsigang Yangtze River Bridge, the world's largest span double-layer highway suspension bridge. In this super project, there are four Trailer pumps, three pump trucks, two mixing plants and more than 10 mixing trucks to help

yangsigang Yangtze River Bridge is an important pivotal project connecting the three towns of Wuhan. Deng Shitao, executive vice president of the technology research, development, innovation and quality management center of the three corner Tire Co., Ltd., said that the main span of the bridge is about 1700 meters. If such reasons are excluded in the upper design, the urban expressway is the main trunk road, and the lower layer is the world's largest span double-layer highway suspension bridge

the concrete pumping of the tower column in the bridge section is a difficulty in the construction of the bridge. To this end, Sany R & D personnel customized two ultra-high pressure towing pumps with an outlet pressure of 35 MPa for the bridge. During the construction, the one-time pumping height of Sany "pump king" reached 240 meters, and the pumping task of the main pier was successfully completed

in the anchor construction, these factors will continue to support the development of the group in the next few years. The type 0 mixing plant will operate continuously for 48 hours to ensure that the volume of each pouring is more than 6000 m3, effectively ensuring the continuous pouring quality. In addition, Sany pump truck and mixer truck are also responsible for the bridge deck, pavement pouring and concrete transportation of the project

during the project construction, Sany also arranged a number of service personnel to stay on the site and eat and live with the construction party to ensure that there are no mistakes in the construction process of the equipment

due to its excellent performance in construction quality, efficiency and stability, Sany equipment has been unanimously recognized by field personnel. The person in charge of the project site said that Sany's concrete pumping equipment is the world's top quality and has solved one technical problem after another

at present, the project has entered the final construction stage and will be opened to traffic at the end of September this year

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