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The world is so big, first come to Shanghai to see AI

original title: the world is so big, first come to Shanghai to see AI

Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Lei Jun, these "flying men" who often march around the world, have frequently walked around Shanghai since this year; Innovative AI enterprises such as Shangtang technology and Xiaoma Zhixing have come here to become "neighbors"; Amazon, Google and other international technology giants also came to visit one after another...

such a lively scene, and the new "actions" they launched from time to time, unconsciously began to attract the attention of the world

when many people are still obsessed with the argument "has Shanghai missed the Internet", a group of Internet giants and new economy enterprises that compete in the international arena, lead in the field of innovation, and wander in the cutting-edge technology have become regular visitors along the Huangpu River. Hand in hand again and again, sign contracts one by one, and one by one, suddenly, "thousands of pear trees bloom"

people have found that there are people, appointments, projects, and innovations... This city, once considered to be less "intimate" with internet interaction, has become newer, more professional, and more international, especially in the frontier field of artificial intelligence, Shanghai is flying and sharp

the initiative of artificial intelligence makes all good players eager to try. Do it when you see it! A world artificial intelligence conference with unprecedented scale, a large number of celebrities and professional cutting-edge. The big stage built in Shanghai is waiting for you

what kind of magic and magnetic field makes these big names and famous enterprises flow ceaselessly

from "being a guest" to choosing to camp here as "home", this is not a random event. For some time, the careful planning and courageous layout of Shanghai's leaders have already laid the groundwork for this latest scene, which seems to be calm

as soon as Li qiangfu, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Shanghai municipal Party committee, took his new post, that is, he personally led party and government cadres to conduct a large-scale investigation and "roadshow", went to various places to learn from experience and seek long-term development. The mayor of Shanghai should bravely go deep into the investigation of scientific and technological innovation enterprises, step up planning and deployment measures, and frequently sent invitations to "experts" at home and abroad. Chen Mingbo, the head of the economic and Information Technology Commission, acted as a "messenger" to face the world The future oriented "hero post" has been delivered to the world. In a few days, nearly a thousand top players in the industry will gather in Shanghai to discuss the smart situation

in order to seize the forefront of the world, Shanghai has been accumulating power for a long time. Since the beginning of this year, one by one, we have made great efforts to optimize the business environment and become a "waiter"; Build new strategic advantages and strive to build "four brands"; Gather talents from all over the world and use them, and launch the action plan of talent peak project; Be a good pacesetter and vigorously promote the expansion of opening-up by 100; Implement the national strategy, give play to the leading radiation effect, and promote the higher quality integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta

when visiting the host site of the conference on the 13th, Ying Yong, the mayor of Shanghai, said that Shanghai has good conditions for the development of artificial intelligence, such as a solid industrial foundation, a high concentration of talents, massive data resources and so on. The research and application of artificial intelligence have broad prospects. It will promote the open sharing of more data resources, promote the close integration of artificial intelligence technology and big data technology, and make a leap forward development

such a brave Shanghai makes all parties feel more sincerity, more convenience and greater expectations

with the new engine of "ai+", accelerate the new goal of "economic density +", benchmark the highest international standards and the best level, and meet the development of higher quality - wisdom enjoys the future, see you in Shanghai

ai's turn - "intelligence density" promotes "economic yield per mu", gives the best resources to high-quality and efficient industries, and shows Shanghai's sincerity and determination to the world

bat is often used as a "barometer" to measure the new economy. As a super large economic center, Shanghai can no doubt not be absent

in the last round of Internet revolution, many cities seized the opportunity to bring earth shaking changes to economic upgrading and people's lives. In today's life, it is just as unacceptable as cutting off water, electricity and coal. It is the infrastructure of the bit era

entering the era of intelligence, artificial intelligence has become an indispensable infrastructure. The future of this industry is determined by whether it can better human-computer cooperation and improve the efficiency and value of the industry in the future

the future of new industries is the future of cities. According to the calculation of China Academy of information and communications, the total amount of China's digital economy reached 27.2 trillion yuan in 2017, accounting for 32.9% of GDP. This third of the country is the best feedback of new technology to urban development

Shanghai is the ball screw. The ball screw is the key to the experimental machine. It can only operate because of its equipment. It plays a driving role in it. If you buy it, 1 it must be the ball screw, not the trapezoidal screw. It is not the first day to feel the benefits of scientific innovation and innovation. In 2016, Shanghai FANUC robot Co., Ltd. paid 217 million yuan in taxes, successfully ranking among the top 100 industrial tax payers in Shanghai. Therefore, the measured value and the position of the fracture are 94th among the enterprises concerned. In that year's list, there were 12 strategic emerging industry manufacturing enterprises like this

what kind of GDP determines what kind of resource allocation. This test is the responsibility, vision and determination of the leader, opening up a new sky between trade-offs

there is a concept of differential treatment in economics, which says that in the case of limited resources, distribution without exception will involve choice, and it is impossible to "want everything". In this process of kinetic energy conversion, we can clearly feel Shanghai's determination to make scientific and technological innovation, focus on innovation and devote ourselves to giving the best resources to high-quality and efficient industries

for this reason, when assessing the effectiveness of economic development, Shanghai made clear the new standards and new guidance: "heroes are based on per mu yield", "heroes are based on efficiency", "heroes are based on energy consumption" and "heroes are based on environment". In other words, to improve the efficiency of land resources, human capital, environmental capital, and ultimately to enhance economic density

in Shanghai, there is still much room for improvement in this regard. According to the data, in 2017, the total industrial output value per square kilometer of all industrial parks in Shanghai was about 7billion yuan, while the economic density of different parks varied significantly - for national development zones, the total industrial output value per square kilometer could reach 11.5 billion yuan; Municipal development zones are 7.1 billion yuan, but urban industrial plots are only 2.83 billion yuan. The rapid "take-off" of these development zones will also double the pull of Shanghai

therefore, it is not difficult to see why Shanghai is particularly interested in AI. As the accelerator of various industries, the magic of AI is "empowerment", and "ai+" is like a magic hat, enabling traditional enterprises to change "efficiency +" output + "and finally win" economic density + "

plan ahead and act quickly. Li Qiang, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, has repeatedly pointed out that the new generation of artificial intelligence, as a strategic and disruptive technology, is profoundly changing the world and is crucial to the future development of the country and the city. Shanghai has a good foundation in the field of artificial intelligence. We should take the initiative to change and respond, strengthen confidence and determination, firmly grasp the strategic breakthrough of artificial intelligence, and strive to build a national artificial intelligence development highland, becoming a leading artificial intelligence innovation source, application demonstration, industrial agglomeration and talent highland in the country

be moved by the wind. These "strongest brains" are in tune with Shanghai's industrial strategy

10 years later, 20 years later, what will Shanghai take to compete globally? Li Qiang said that as the country's largest economic center city, Shanghai's mission is not only reflected in its own development level, but also to serve the overall situation of the country and participate in global cooperation and competition on behalf of the country

this mission runs through every moment of the construction of Shanghai Science and technology innovation center. Toyota's Tacoma has long used composite materials in the cargo storage space to find the driving force for innovation, focus on national strategies, strengthen the main direction of attack, and strengthen open cooperation. "Shanghai will focus on what the country needs."

"ai+" power - let intelligence spread all over the air and "implement the first driving force of innovation and development to the end"; In the process of becoming an excellent global city, build a smart urban "life body" and improve energy level and core competitiveness

when AI brings about change and subversion in the way of empowerment, all walks of life have found a magic weapon to improve the labor productivity of the whole society

in the past, enterprise decision-making and urban governance were limited to "fuzzy" methods, often relying on manual judgment and experience summary. Herbert Simon, who won the Turing prize in 1975 and the Nobel Prize in economics in 1978, put forward the theory of "bounded rationality", that is, what people follow in the decision-making process is not the "optimal" standard, but the "satisfactory" standard

nowadays, AI makes the previous "satisfaction" approach to the "optimal" standard through big data and complex decisions

relevant empirical results show that in the anti fraud scenario of transactions in the financial field, the models of financial institutions in the past, with manual rules defined one by one, can only reach 1000 at most, and the accuracy of detecting fraud is very limited; Now, based on the historical transaction data and complaint data, the AI anti fraud model can finally increase the number of rules to more than 2.5 billion, and the accuracy can be improved by 2.5-2.8 times

at present, many financial institutions in Shanghai are actively embracing "ai+", and AI undoubtedly adds efficient wings to the construction of financial centers

industry experts pointed out that if Shanghai's manufacturing, finance, services, education, transportation and many other fields can quickly change from "Internet +" to "ai+", it is equivalent to changing into a more powerful "new engine". On the one hand, problems that cannot be completed by manpower before can create incremental benefits; On the other hand, using incremental methods to solve the problem of stock can greatly improve efficiency

for super large cities, the governance problem is a common problem encountered in the world. Even the most developed cities are also facing the problem of "big city disease". Limited land and rising costs make many traditional "old methods" no longer work. Now artificial intelligence, a "new tool", is in front of us. Whoever uses it first will be the first to carve out a new path of wisdom

the central government requires Shanghai to explore a new way of social governance that conforms to the characteristics and laws of megacities. Urban management should be as delicate as embroidery to adapt to urban development. "Ai+" is at the right time

try first, and Shanghai will do its part. Shanghai is the earliest and most mature smart city in China. As early as 2011, the three-year development plan of "smart Shanghai" was issued. Now, in terms of smart applications, Shanghai has accelerated the coverage of convenience services in key areas, effectively supporting the fine, scientific and intelligent urban management and social governance, and the rise of brands such as the national big data regional demonstration comprehensive pilot zone

keeping pace with the times and with the will to share government data as much as possible, the governance upgrading of Shanghai's super large cities has also extended an olive branch to many science and technology enterprises

Shanghai will make good use of its existing advantages and become the best experimental field for new technologies. Rich industrial scenarios, huge structured data and perfect basic conditions for informatization all open up infinite possibilities for the rapid breakthrough of "ai+"

it is reported that government and enterprises will advance

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