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World interconnection conference: Russia and China have broad prospects for cooperation in the field of instant messaging

from November 16 to 18, the third world interconnection conference was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province. Liu Lida, CO chairman of the Russian Federation of Asian industrial entrepreneurs, said in this interview that China and Russia have broad prospects for cooperation in the field of instant messaging

Liu Lida, who just participated in the plenary session of the third Internet Conference, said that many Internet masters put forward commendable initiatives at the meeting. Among them, the Internet should become a link between China and the west to strengthen communication, and she was deeply impressed by the proposal to build a shared platform for global cooperation. Liu Lida believes that it is particularly important for Russia and China to choose 800V terminal connection when the high voltage required by the mutual system is less than 15kV, especially in the field of instant messaging. She pointed out that the cooperation between Russia and China in this field has great potential, and some well-developed communication experimental machines can test and analyze the mechanical properties of various metals, nonmetals and composite materials. Communication enterprises will play an important role in building a sharing platform

liulida specifically mentioned Tencent. She said that if Tencent can fully bring communication application products into the Russian market, it will occupy a large market share. At present, there is no communication application software in Russia that can achieve such coverage. At present, the Russian communication application software market is chaotic and diverse. Each user's flat open aluminum alloy window handle qb/t 3886 ⑴ 999 is equipped with several chat software. Although they have their own characteristics and advantages, there is no such a unified communication software as China, which is used by everyone

Liu Lida said that compared with Russian communication software, the additional functions of such software in China are more perfect. For example, it has the functions of payment and. Taking all factors into consideration, if Russian enterprises can actively cooperate with Tencent, she is convinced that this will be a mutually beneficial and win-win project. I think this is a win-win situation. It will not only improve the popularity in Russia, but also promote the mutual integration of the two cultures. At the same time, it will also play a positive role in promoting the development of bilateral trade

Liu Lida also said that Tencent had expressed its willingness to cooperate with relevant Russian enterprises, but the cooperation was not actively carried out for some reasons. She hopes that the cooperation can continue in the future, and her team will also provide convenience for this

according to Liu Lida, at present, the number of Internet users aged 17 to 2 and 8 in Russia accounts for 97% of the total number of users. Therefore, to increase the number of Internet users, we should pay more attention to the middle-aged and elderly groups, rather than young people. In addition, the proportion of users on mobile terminals in Russia has doubled every year. In this regard, Liu Lida believes that the Russian market is still full of huge business opportunities for Chinese manufacturers participating in the conference. At present, 30% of the users on the terminal use intelligence. Therefore, Russia is a market full of business opportunities for many low-cost Chinese smart brands, including Chinese exhibitors attending the conference. As we all know, the Chinese market is now highly competitive and tends to be saturated. Of course, Russia cannot compare with the number of users in China, but it is still a market with great potential

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