The hottest world label technology giant will sett

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The world label technology giant will settle in Wuhan

Wuhan will usher in another world giant. Yesterday, it was learned that the support of American Eli Dennison policy is a beneficial guarantee for the development of recycled plastic granulators (hereinafter referred to as Eli). The central China regional headquarters and slitting center project will be signed and settled in Wuhan in the near future. The project is planned to be put into operation in May this year, and the sales volume is expected to exceed 100million yuan in 2013, with an annual growth rate of more than 50%

Ellie has been rated as one of the top 500 in the United States by Fortune magazine over the years. It is the global leader in pressure-sensitive label technology and provides a variety of self-adhesive label materials

it is reported that this label has been applied to many fields, such as high-end daily necessities, wine construction land, medical treatment and so on

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