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Concept and characteristics of home theater

what is home theater

the relevant national standard sj/t11217 customer-oriented-2000 "general specification for surround sound amplifiers for home cinemas" issued and implemented in March 2000 has clearly stipulated "home cinemas"

its contents are as follows:

Home Theater: an audio-visual system with audio-visual effects of surround sound theater, which is composed of surround sound amplifier (or a combination of surround sound decoder and multi-channel audio power amplifier), multiple (more than 4) speaker systems, large screen TV (or projection TV) and high-quality a/v program sources (such as LD, DVD, hi fi video recorder, etc.)

what are the characteristics of home theater

a. characteristics of the program source of the theater

the program source of the home theater mainly comes from the film program, which includes the image part and the sound part. The home theater system is to reproduce the image and sound effects of the program source in the home broadcast environment (not in the cinema environment). In the early stage, the sound track of the film was mono sound, and later developed (1) the experimental machine should be installed in a clean, dry, vibration free room with the room temperature controlled at (10 ~ 35) ℃ to a two channel stereo. Now it has developed into a multi-channel digital surround sound. The recording and processing mode of movie sound has also changed from analog mode to digital mode. Now the production of movie sound as surround sound has been popularized and has become the development direction

Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Digital (AC-3) digital surround sound technology of Dolby Corporation of the United States are the most popular surround sound applications. DTS digital cinema system technology of DTS Corporation of the United States is also adopted by more and more films. In addition, Sony digital dynamic sound (SDDs) of Sony Corporation of Japan has also become an option

since the program source of home theater mainly comes from film programs, it should retain the main characteristics of film program sources, namely high-quality images and encoded surround sound

b, 1. Features of surround sound amplifier (AV Center) for home theater to facilitate normal tasks

since the purpose of surround sound amplifier for home theater is different from that of general high fidelity hi fi power amplifier, it generally has the following characteristics:

1, multi-channel power amplification

2, surround sound decoding function

3, karaoke function

4 Generally, it has video input and output terminals

5, subwoofer output terminals

6, and other sound processing technologies, such as DSP, equalization mode, etc.

the requirements of surround sound amplifier for home theater and high fidelity hi fi power amplifier are different when replaying audio. High fidelity power amplifier requires true sound restoration; The surround sound amplifier for home theater requires to replay the effect of multi-channel surround sound to match the video image to produce the sound atmosphere of the theater. High fidelity power amplifier is stereo amplifier; The surround sound amplifier for home theater is a multi-channel amplifier. According to the characteristics of decoding mode, the performance of each channel should cooperate with each other. (automobile, 5 gold, medical, rubber, plastic, leather, packaging, wire and cable, paper, pipe, baby products, sports equipment and other metal and non-metallic materials of experimental machine enterprises end)

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