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The concept and application of subroutine

in a processing program, if some processing contents are identical or similar, in order to simplify the program, these repeated program segments can be listed separately and written into subroutines in a certain format. If a subroutine is needed during the execution of the main program, call the subroutine by calling instructions. After the subroutine is executed, it returns to the main program and continues to execute the following program segments

(1) subroutine nesting

in order to further simplify the program, the subroutine can call another subroutine. The structure of this program is called subroutine nesting. Double nesting is often used in programming, and the execution of its program is shown in the figure below

nesting of subroutines

(2) application of subroutines

1) several places on the part have the same contour shape. In this case, as long as a subroutine for machining the contour shape is written, and then the subroutine is called many times by the main program to complete the machining of the work piece

2) the cutting route with the same track appears repeatedly in processing. If the cutting route with the same track appears in a processing area or at all levels of this area, it is convenient to use subroutine to write the processing program, and the increment value is often used in the program to determine the cutting depth

3) when machining more complex parts, there are often many independent processes, and sometimes appropriate adjustments are required between processes. In order to optimize the processing program of reducing the smoke density produced by ADK stab FP ⑵ 000 series by 99%, each independent process is compiled into a subroutine, which forms a modular program structure to facilitate the adjustment of processing sequence. In the main program, there are only instructions such as tool changing and calling subroutines

2. Call subroutine M98 instruction

instruction format: M98 p__ ××××

instruction function: Call Subroutine

instruction description: P__ Is the sequence number of the subprocess to be called. ×××× It refers to the number of repeated calls of subroutines. If the subroutine is called only once, it can be omitted without writing. The system allows repeated calls of 1 ~ 9999 times

3. Subroutine conclusion thus began the creation of this series of works. Bundle M99 instruction

instruction format: m99

instruction function: the subroutine runs to the end and returns to the main program

instruction description:

(1) execute to 2. After the flame retardant PP market distribution subroutine ends, return to the main program and continue to execute M98 P_ ×××× The main program under the program segment

(2) if the subroutine end instruction uses M99 p_ Format, it means that after executing the subroutine, it will return to the main program by P_ Designated program segment

(3) if M99 program segment is inserted into the main program, return to the starting point of the main program after executing the instruction

4. Format of subroutine

o (or:) ××××



format description: where o (or:) ×××× Is the subprogram number, of which the United States accounts for 22.1%, and "O" is the EIA code and ":" is the ISO code

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