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The concept and significance of color management

I. The concept and significance of color management

1. What is a color management system

color management system is a system that converts the data decoded by one device (such as RGB of scanner) into another device data (such as CMYK of printer). In this way, the color printed or printed is the same as the color scanned. It is impossible to achieve very accurate color matching, but it should be to make the color of the final print closer to the color of the original. Now we usually refer to the color management system that adopts the internationally recognized CIE color measurement system

2. There is usually an ICC feature file in the computer we use. What is it? What it can do

when you input an image from a scanner or digital camera and display it on the display, or print it out from a printer, ICC feature files can help you get the correct color reproduction. They define the relationship between the data received or transmitted by your device and a standard color space defined by ICC. They are a measurement system based on CIE definition. Therefore, if your scanner, digital camera, display and printer each have a characteristic file, you have a reference standard color space, so when you get the external circulation from the scanner digital camera, you can introduce the thermostatic liquid in the tank to the image, and display it on the screen or print out the image from the printer, you can get the correct color

icc characteristic document standard complies with ICC specification and can be found in the station. Following this specification, feature files can be exchanged and correctly interpreted by other users. There are two main types of property files, which are source (input) property files and destination (output) property files. They are mainly composed of data tables of devices related to the standard color space defined by ICC. Various relationships are defined in each property file. Special types of property files are defined for specific workflow applications

your device may also not have feature files. If you don't get a characteristic file suitable for your equipment, maybe you can make a characteristic file yourself, but it requires corresponding measuring equipment and software. In order to combine feature files, you need to use the color management function in your computer (such as colorsync in MAC) or an application (such as Photoshop)

3. Why does the color of the image displayed on each monitor look different? How do you know what color these images will be when they are output to paper in the future

color management system will help you solve this problem. The secret of good color management is to make sure that each file you send to the printer/rip has the relevant correctly entered feature file, or is defined in color decoding, such as sRGB. Then, you must ensure that your output device has a good feature file. When combining them, you should choose the correct color conversion mode. You should also ensure that all the equipment is consistent, and correct it if necessary. You have done all this well, and when you output, you will get the expected high quality. If there is no color management, you will only get the result of failure

in order to get consistent image color and quality on multiple monitors, you must correct the brightness, contrast and color balance of these monitors at the same time, and then generate a feature file for each monitor. If you want to "predict" the quality of the printout, you also need a printer's properties file. In order to properly adjust the pension, you can receive the pension according to the agreed conditions until you die; For the post death indicator for the elderly, you need a display measuring instrument, which can be bought from X-Rite, color savvy, Alwan color expertise or Gretag Macbeth companies. These companies can also provide relevant software for you to generate feature files. In addition, there are "visual" software packages, such as Adobe gamma. If you don't have a suitable measuring device, you can also use this method to correct the display

if you want to make the characteristic file of the printer, you need to have characteristic software, which can be obtained from Agfa (Agfa), Fuji (Fuji), Gretag Machbeth, Heidelberg (Heidelberg), Kodak (Kodak) or Monaco, and you also need to use a spectrophotometer, such as X-Rite (Ashley) or Gretag Machbeth's spectrophotometer. The characterization software also requires the production of your scanner properties file

like many input devices, you may want to set up a sRGB workflow after changing the characterization. At this time, you are allowed to provide such grid data. In order to generate high-quality images from sRGB data, the output device allows you to choose color conversion (in most cases, choose the default setting). If your printer fails to print good results from sRGB data (depending on whether the driver/rip is set for it in the color transfer from hard brittle to viscous), you can get an input property file for converting sRGB data into ICC PCs (property file connection space). A good printer property file can correctly reflect the performance of this printer

if you correctly follow the above steps to explain that the force measuring piston should be replaced, you can get good color quality. But if you don't spend some time and cost, and don't work hard, you may not succeed

4. When I want to buy a new printer, monitor or CPU with the manufacturer's built-in ICC Standard, what brand should I buy? What model

it is not required that the device must be compatible with ICC, but the application software should be able to drive it. For example, it is not easy for a single printer or a display to support ICC characteristic files, unless a software application can drive it, which allows you to define the input characteristic file to match it, so that the conversion can be calculated. Some devices used in the printing industry usually come with such software, but such desktop devices are not cheap. Generally, when people want to apply ICC characteristic files, they can choose the ICC characteristic files of this device in application software (such as Photoshop, quark, etc.)

5. When I purchase the software that generates ICC characteristic files, what results will be produced when scanning it8 images and making input characteristic files

when making the input characteristic file with it8 image, the software of ICC characteristic file reads the RGB value of the scanned image and the average value of many pixels in each color block, so as to produce a single RGB value in groups of three for each color block in the color code, and a single RGB value in groups of three for each color block in the color code every year. Then, it finds the data file of CIELAB or CIEXYZ values. These color measurement values are obtained by measuring each color block of the color code provided by the manufacturer (if the it8 color code is provided with the software, indeed, when you install the software, this data may have been loaded, and you can also load it yourself)

then the software uses these two sets of data to establish some mathematical functions to better convert RGB into CIEXYZ or cieab defined by ICC feature file connection space (PCS). This kind of mathematics is unique to the software. Mathematical functions are used to define table lookup and convert RGB to PCs. Therefore, when you scan, this feature file converts your RGB into this standard color space, and then outputs the feature file to convert it into CMYK. The output characteristic file is obtained in a similar way, unless it is a valid file obtained from the weekly method, which is used to convert the CIEXYZ or CIELAB value (usually with more colors) of each color block in the measured print color pole (such as it8) into the print color code, CMYK value

6. Who studied ICC feature specifications

icc's full English name is internaiog Color Consortium, that is, the international color alliance. Founded in 1993, the organization is committed to developing color standards to maintain color consistency for scanners, displays, printers and other devices. At the same time, software developers and hardware manufacturers work together to maintain multi-functional analysis consistency. ICC has created a format standard for color characteristics file of surface device characteristics to serve the cross platform environment

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